I think I have cancer

I keep have intrusive cancer thoughts I’m scared should I go to the doc?

Sounds like a delusion, but why not go to the doc just to get it checked out to be safe? For the peace of mind.

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Are you sick or in pain in any way to base this delusion on? They say that every delusion has a grain of truth to it. But is this just a random thought that pops into your head or is there even a miniscule of reality to start this delusion? Does it run in your family?

Whats worse cancer or sz?

IMHO Cancer gives you the will to live, while SZ gives you the will to die

having both just sucks though

I hope I don’t come across as emotionally manipulative (tone on the internet can be hard to detect), but having watched my mother die from cancer, I’d say sz is a lot worse. :frowning:

SZ is physically, emotionally, mentally,etc… inducing

While cancer is just physically inducing

Both are terrible obviously…

But SZ is worse IMO

I’ve been meaning to make a thread about this for days but felt I would offend some people…

I think the threat (or reality) of facing death induces mental anguish in its own right. :wink:


My dad’s mom died of sinus cancer when she was 32. They had to remove the bones from her face before she died.

I had bad allergies and lots of sinus infections growing up and was convinced I would develop it, too. I saw my file at the upper respiratory specialist, and it had IS VERY AFRAID OF CANCER written across the bottom of the first page.

Talk to your doctor. They may have information that will set your mind at ease at least a little. My doctors told the important fact that sinus cancer isn’t inherited, it’s environmental. That undercut my mental arguments for having it entirely. They may be able to help you, too.

Feel better :two_hearts:

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Same here. But my father told me that unlike cancer, schizophrenia is not life-threatening. (Except suicide, of course)

No cancer in my family, but I feel like theres tumors in my body

I had this same delusion before, best to go to the doctor to have peace of mind.

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I suffer from Hypochondriasis, I am constantly thinking that I am dying from some horrible disease, including Cancer.

I have been avoiding seeing doctors, as I am afraid that they will find something, and that I will need surgery, test procedures, etc…

Being a Hypochondriac is torture.

I do know what you are going through, its sheer terror.


Thinking you have a horrible illness when you don’t.

I doubt you have cancer, especially because you didn’t say what kind and why you think you do.

But we all have schizophrenia. Rest assured, you do have “the cancer of mental illnesses” and I have it too. I just took three very serious medications just to function today. Normal person would be completely under and ready for dental surgery if they took what I just took.