Was just thinking

So there is a lot of scary ■■■■ in this world. On a physical level there are always ways to make something more scary. Warfare, torture, losing a loved one, watching a loved one get tortured, etc,

When it comes to diseases though. I think schizophrenia is as scary as it gets. And any physical illness that fear inducing can be completely worsened by sz.

Making a very general observation here but I’m wondering what yall think about that.

Don’t know to be honest. As a lot of diseases I haven’t gone through to compare like on deaths door with cancer. Would be a hell of a head game coming to terms death.

Edit…Thinking more in some cases of sz might be easier to deal with. Belief your coming back as an Angel, The next messenger of god etc etc etc.

That’s was the only exception I could make. But I don’t have a problem accepting death it is inevitable.

Kind of forgot about pain as well. Not having pain is a huge step down from physical diseases.

Let’s just say sz is frightening.

I think Alzheimers is more frightening. You’re going to lose it + you know ahead of time what’s going to happen and there will be no returning.


Alzheimers does sound frightening; but I consider cancer the worst disease of all. I saw my late sister suffer through and she was so very courageous. She is my hero always! I thought that I caused her to have cancer because of all the grief I gave her from my mental illness. My therapists have tried to convince me otherwise. Yet schizophrenia, I still, believe is one of the most terrifying conditions you can encounter. You can never trust your mind or your body for that matter. All is in this horribly violent war against you. You no longer know who or what you are. Sometimes you don’t even know you are sick. You don’t feel like doing anything at all. It is pure torture. I don’t want to get diabetes either. My father had that and he was always checking his blood sugar and was worried whether it was too high or low. It affects other parts of your body. And, he could not go barefoot anymore, either. Not even inside. I hate to wear slippers and shoes indoors. I want my poor feet to breathe.

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there are much worse diseases than sz…ebola for example.
take care :alien:

Alright thanks for the input.

Not the worst disease.

Still though pretty ■■■■■■■ scary. Scariest ■■■■ I’ve encountered so far.