I think I had a stroke/TIA a few years ago

About ten years ago when I was heavy smoker, I had an evening where I was lying in bed and I noticed I couldnt move half of my body, and I had a headache that suddenly turned into immense pain in my head for about 5-10 minutes. I literally felt like someone with a knife was cutting my brain in two. Afterwards I looked in the mirror my face looked noticeably lopsided.

I talked to a doctor about this about 5 years later/ago, and they were completely uninterested in discussing it. They said there was no point, and that it could be a bunch of things. When I pushed them for an answer, they said it could be an atypical migraine. But when I looked it up, it didn’t have anything about lopsided face and I didn’t think it fitted.

Its my eyes/eyebrows specifically that look really a symmetrical now. Almost every photo I see of myself thats what I always get drawn to, and its frustrating being denied any kind of answer to what caused it.

I feel like its possible it was a TIA. Which from my understanding is a “mini stroke” as it fits the symptoms way clearer. But its so frustrating that no one is interested in exploring it at all.

Try getting a second doctor opinion. That sounded serious.

Smoking does increase risk of stroke. Apparently

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I might have suffered from a mini stroke like 2 years ago.

I was lying down on my bed and trying to exercise and then when I got up I was partially blind in one eye and suffered a headache.

The blindness lasted for hours.

I eventually got better hours later.

I really should have seeked out medical attention but I didn’t.

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I would get a second opinion, for sure. It does sound like a TIA at the very least. Did you get the burning toast smell? I did. Now I panic whenever my wife makes toast without telling me first as she fairly cremates it.

You may need to be put on blood thinners if you’re at a higher risk for strokes.


why did you only see a doctor about it 5 years later? I mean it would have been better if you went to see a doc right away after it happened. It’s hard for them to do anything about that happened 5 years ago.

At the time my GP was being really difficult with me. Saying I needed to change surgeries because I wasn’t in his catchment area and that he had budgets to worry about - but simultaneously he was happy to see my parents who lived 3 miles away (where I was close by) - so he clearly just didn’t want to treat me. So I didn’t want to make problems worse. It was when I saw a GP more often (at a different surgery) that I trusted that I asked about it.

I’ve had TIAs. Not on any blood thinners and statins make me feel like someone beat me up. Garlic helps as it is a natural blood thinner and lowers cholesterol. That’s what my gp told me to take. But you absolutely cannot take garlic with thinners because it can thin too much and cause excessive bleeding.

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Curcumin also works as a blood thinner. Took it in combination with blood thinners and it was a mess. Now I know.

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