Saw my new shrink!


got to the end of my one and half hour session with the new shrink and psychologist , it seems i am still a sz, the shrink then starts to stare at my eyes and mouth…which made me feel a wee bit uncomfortable…she asked me to do a few facial movements…after which she announced that she thinks i have had a stroke sometime in the past…life just gets better !
but they are helping me and are both kind and i am very grateful.
take care


Maybe the stroke was the big headache that quietened your voices - if I remember right.


did she ask u to poke out ur tongue? if ur tongue is crooked, it means uv had a stroke. hope this helps xxx


They used to get me to poke out my tongue to check for TD. The crooked tongue is a new one on me.


I’m glad they are kind to you and helping you. It sounds like you’ve gotten some good people.

:smile: :thumbsup:


actually i can pin point it back to when i was 13/14 i had a week of headaches it was non stop, i was pretty ill, my personality as everyone said changed after that.
i had a head x-ray and everything but they could not find anything. it all is making sense now .
take care


she noticed my mouth, it is slightly dropped especially when smiling ( like i do a lot of smiling !) and one of my eyes is different.
take care


it may just b u have an asymmetrical face. my aunt just had a stroke and it hasn’t affected her face at all, just the sight in on of her eyes.


I am glad that they are helping you.


They gave you an hour and a half! I’m impressed.


my sessions range from 45 mins to and hour and a half, i think it is basically because i’m new, this was only by fifth time in there, and they haven’t tried to lock me up yet !
take care


I wish you all the best with this new pdoc darksith


My therapy sessions usually last about 40 minutes. I’m sorry to hear about the possibility that you’ve had a stroke.


thanks for caring , it adds character to my face !
take care


Sorry to hear about the stroke. But it must have been a tiny stroke because your body is still working. Or maybe it was in “the right place”. I’ve heared about ppl getting paralyzed efter a stroke. It is so scary.

When I see my therapist we usually have one hour. Also pdoc appt is one hour.


thank you, looking back it probably happened at 13/14.
it does not bother me ,but it does all make sense now, the immediate change in attitude, my face changing, i noticed my eye not my mouth.
i was lucky it was so mild ,i think it adds to the character of my face
slightly handsome and a little bit gargoyle.
take care