Who ever wished me dead ,well watch it

over the last two weeks i have had two mini strokes , after seeing my pain Dr he made me go to see my faimly Dr, she had me do, EKG, a CT and ultrasound, and today a heart ultrasound , as if i didnt know i had heart trouble , i now know i have 50 blockage in my neck. and 60 % blockage to my heart from my stomach. as if all this is bad. i also have a childhood trauma , you see the first stroke was so bad it left me with one eye wondering hand and leg gimped and a speech impediment from hell, and memory loss. after 3 long years of schooling therapy. i was working .but i told me self it would never happen again or i would be done. and now both Dr’s hope to stop me from have a bigger one. but the numbness in my face and hands leave me with knowing its a bit to late. you all have known me for years. i don’t wish to live this way. share i talk with my psychologist. my appointments are 24,25,26,first 5th and 9th of march. maybe more, hell i don’t know. wish i could say i care.



Sending you stay and get well hugs. :hugs:

Woa. That’s some tough news. It’s good that they’re aware of the problems though. Hopefully they can now provide you with the right treatment.

Stay fighting DrZen. We’re all rooting for you.


Stay strong @DrZen!
I’ll be praying for you.

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That’s what I’m thinking.

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Wishing you good fortune. That’s rough

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Stay strong Dr Zen. I hope it gets better for you.

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Have hope. All will be well again

Nobody wishes seriously that on you DRzen or anybody. Hope you get the right comfort and treatment.

I’m sorry. I hope the drs get you feeling better soon.

i wish you best of luck @DrZen
I hope they find a way to treat you.

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