Hey, that's me!

I’m not shy, that’s a photo of me from today. I cannot see today, my right eye is 1/2 way shut after my long bike ride. I think I had a stroke 2 years ago, and now I have these issues with my eyes and eyesite, I goto the neurologist at the end of the month. Its quite frustrating.

I even had the dr ask me yesterday, do you think your double vision is from your Sz? Stupid ■■■■■■■. Does he really think my eye is 1/2 shut because of Sz? Maybe I hallucinated my eye to be shut, duh.

I keep researching, it appears it could be some kind of pressure against a nerve, or possibly a blood clot that damaged my eye like the last time.

I really hate this Sz diagnosis and the prejudice it brings. I look like this, yet nobody addresses my eye issue, and no, I’m not psychotic today. Last time my eye did this though, 3 months later, I was psychotic… :frowning:


That is a nice photo of you @NiceHat You are not bashful, that’s a good thing

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no, I’m not too shy :slight_smile:

I did go and purchase an eye patch just now, the vision is really bad today.

I got the nickname nicehat when I stopped coloring my hair, I wore a hat to cover my hair growth until it grew out long enough to cut really short, like a boy cut, and now my hair has grown back out. IT’s a nice shiny white/grey , I’m lucky.

I like the name NiceHat too, I personally love wearing caps and hats, wore them even as a kid

I hate it when someone doubts something real because I’m sz. A tiny little rage fire starts inside of me.

I hope that they get down to the bottom of what’s causing your eye to act up!!

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thank you, I hope so too… it acts up when I bike and I love to bike. I told the neurologist that we discovered that bike tours cause Sz - lol

the \left is 2 years ago, first started with the eye problem, the right is today, although prior to the bike ride, my eye was better.

the docs and the eye specialst said the eye issue was probably caused a TIA or a blood clot, like described in this , but 3 months after the eye problem (photo on the left) I became psychotic, and was diagnosed with Sz


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That is so strange. When you get down to the bottom of this I’m interested to know what you’ve found out.

My ex brother in law had Bell’s Palsy. He had a “drooping” eye and partial mouth paralysis. Could it be a type of Palsy you are experiencing? I would see a specialist and get to the bottom of it

it could be, not sure, I’ve read about that bell’s palsy, but they never mentioned it. I even was at my primary care doc yesterday, he didn’t mention bells palsy either, it was a test for him, I think I should find somebody else. He asked if I was hallucinating and if it was the Sz, he must be an idiot. since when does an eye droop or double vision occur with Sz… I agree, could be bell’s palsy, but they didn’t mention that the first time either, the rest of my face isn’t dropping as is described in bell’s palsy. so far we know it’s not multiple sclerosis, myasthesia gravis, lymes disease. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well thats good that it isnt multiple sclerosis and other more serious conditions. I think, but I am not certain that Bell’s Palsy can only affect the eye - but it is rare, not sure exactly. It could be so many different conditions. One thing I am sure of is that it isnt SZ

right, thank you. I’ve also been tested for lupus, had an MRI and an MRA, and no lesions were discovered 2 years ago, or 2 months ago when I had another MRI done.

the NIH is going to do another MRI, and my pdoc said this was good because I could ask them what the heck is going on, for the past 2 years it seems

I bike
My eye goes left like this double vision
I bike some more, it gets hotter outside
I then get paranoid, think somebody is following me or messages on TV, or cameras
I get more paranoid
I bike some more
bang, I’m psychotic, word salad, paranoia, brain running 100 miles an hour

That must be uncomfortable, but hopefully you will get some real answers soon. Best of luck to you @NiceHat

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A cyst could cause the eye to half close, but the MRI should have ruled that out?