Was i having a stroke last night?

Lately been having bad,bad dreams,i wake up at night and feel just as bad.Last night i felt tingling on one side of my body than another.I also felt like a side of face was going to sleep,one side than the other. Ive had dreams that make me feel so much shaking energy i’ve suspected siezures while asleep.My question if it wasnt due to stress,and was a real stroke why do i feel okay today? Im going in for anMRI tommorrow anyway.

I’ve woken up with my left arm asleep.

Probably a little stroke while I was sleeping.

Good thing you are getting an MRI, I can’t afford one

Once in a while, my arm falls asleep - its poor circulation, not from a stroke.

I really dont know why this happens to me, I manage to walk everyday.

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Yes, my arm has fallen asleep multiple times, mostly from sleeping on it.

It was really bad last night,my face has never fallen asleep, i was thinking about this picture i saw in the emergency room that said call a ambulance this guys having a stroke, looking like have his face fell asleep,scary stuff

Exercise, walk… Get the body moving and the blood pumping. Sleeping for long periods and sitting for a long time is proven to be unhealthy.

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Just got out of er, im not a baby about abnormalities,but that stress cuased all this? Time to buck up, cant believe was in my head,that means it was self inflicted, that means i could have controlled it, that means if i fall for any dellusion that something else cauased im setting myself up for failure again. Less not in control , got to be more in control, half my face was falling asleep

How much asleep were you at the time?

Off and on ,between dreams and life, rubing over thier selves,know what i mean?

Yeah I think I understand.

There’s a state of sleep where you are in between awareness and sleep - hypnagogic state or something. I have had sleep paralysis to varying degrees and it occurs during that state. I’ve had more of the semi awareness stuff recently but since I have dealt with it on and off for so long I know what it is. It’s still very strange but I know that if I dont fight it and just relax I will fall asleep soon.

When you are aware of it and it’s very intense and even terrifying it is totally normal to panic. Depending on the meds you are on it could make it more intense I would imagine - just because there’s something foreign in your body that can be really sedating (especially if you take night meds). I started having this sort of thing in high school and it comes and goes. If they aren’t finding anything on a MRI and there are no visible lasting symptoms the next day I would try to monitor yourself and see if some level of sleep paralysis is the culprit. Our brains are more open with schiz too. I’ve had times when it’s been literally terrifying because hallucinations can be involved. It’s slightly less terrifying if you know it’s not a stroke or whatever, but still no fun.

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When I was at my worst, mentally, despite drinking enough water, I would have constant blackouts, shocks in the spine, and even a seisure once, but that was during a flu…
I had an EEG, which showed nothing. Now I’m diagnosed SZ; so thinking back now, I would imagine all the blackouts etc to be my mind’s response to extreme stress… reality splits and stuff.
I’ve stopped blacking out for the most part, but still get a tight chest, left side hurting etc… I think the mind and body are connected in a way that we usually do not perceive.

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Smart people on here. I relate a lot. Even we outcast are not alone.