I don’t think I have schizophrenia

And when I told early intervention this many years ago they told me that it’s the denial part of having sz.

But when I got mood swings they turned that to schizoaffective.

Sometimes patients know when something more is going on. I never denied the psychosis.

I do think I have mood swings , I feel that’s the best way to describe my symptoms than sz


Or maybe I faked the whole thing that crossed my mind too. Maybe I don’t have mood swings.

I don’t know what my health condition is either.

I accept psychosis. But I also claim it was all avoidable and also reversible.

So I ping pong between psychotic and non psychotic. Which is enough for me to say I do have a form of schizophrenia that is currently managed relatively well


Schizoaffective also describes it but I feel the moods get in the way more once the psychosis is under control.

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I don’t really agree with my current psychiatrists diagnosis of me.
I think she just gave me bipolar disorder so I won’t be stigmatized as much.

I’m pretty certain of my old diagnosis of schizoaffective.

Most people with bipolar disorder function in society.

I am not fully functioning.

Yeah my last psychiatrist and therapist got it right.

So did the last psych hospitals assessment of me.

Schizoaffective is more accurate.


I think on the one hand schizoaffective fits but once the psychosis is under control it doesn’t really affect me like the moods do. So that’s why I feel the bipolar describes my symptoms more but doesn’t necessarily mean I don’t have schizophrenia I do feel in denial most days.

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I think my old pdoc purposefully misdiagnosed me cuz people don’t think I can handle my real dx or it would put me/others in danger.


My partner feels I stigmatise myself before anyone else does

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I know I suffer with bipolar symptoms from time to time.
But I think that I can become psychotic without experiencing significant mood symptoms.

This probably puts me in the schizoaffective camp.

Plus my paranoia is off the charts when fully psychotic.

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I get the paranoia when anxious myself which could be a sign of schizoaffective too

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