I think evil people have Radio frequency synthetic telepathy please help

I looked it up and the government admits that certain radio frequencies can cause you to hear sounds so i think it could be my voices.Also I looked up this stuff called optogenetics and non invasivly in vivo witch means withought puting chips into the brain butgiving you a virus and doing it whil you are alive they can see the brain cells of animals working.

So it will all this push from president obohma I believe that they have undertaken true mind wars that I have been part of. I hear voices and the guy that i live with says he hears me too and we have tested it.

It goes along with my thoughts in my book about virtual reality bringing us to a point that we will be like the garden of eden if good wins over evil.

I can explain more but I need someone to talk to about this stuff that hears voices so that perhaps i can break the spell of the delusion becuase it usually doesnt add up in some way or another.

So if you get into virtual reality and wonder about all this talk of mind wars on the internet would realy like tocorespond with you on this to see if we can conclude that its a hoax

Someone at sz.com @77nick77 helped me the other day when I has having problems so its my turn now.

Let me say I think I know how you feel. There are delusions and stuff that’s hard to explain?
Sorry you’re feeling that way. It really sucks you know. Usually I just take more medicine and take a nap.
I came here at that time because I thought my doctor was tired of me and I didn’t get to see her until yesterday.

I’m taking a class in ham radio because I was afraid of all those frequencies floating around out there.
But they all have legitimate uses for TV, Cell Phone, radio, ect.
I know they can feel like they are targeting you but they do not.
They flow all over the place and have no effect on the body so I don’t worry about it now.
The government has real terrorists they can’t even keep track of, so they have no time to send us secret messages.

Just us special people that have problems with this kind of stuff.
Sometimes I read too much about politics or conspiracies.
I just say I’m allergic to that stuff and don’t read it.
There is so much crap on the internet that isn’t true.
anyone can post total lies.

We are just sick sometimes but we get no sympathy from anyone.
But I am sorry you aren’t feeling well.