I think basketball is actually easy sport

for me it is. golf is way more difficult to master. but i love basketball. i played everyday growing up, for a couple hours a day. and honed my skills. the thing is, this makes me think it’s actually not that hard of a sport to play. what it takes to be really good is height combined with phenomenal athleticism and skill compared to the amateur. well im short, but i was at least an above average athlete so could play well in high school.

but i was thinking this is an easy sport watching the NBA playoffs and it seemed like the players didn’t miss a shot for 3 minutes some difficult shots included.

but it’s still my favorite sport and the only sport i’ve been watching. i tried to watch soccer but couldn’t get into it.

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Who’s your favorite NBA team?

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my favorite team is the boston celtics. and then i also like the denver nuggets and the phoenix suns. and i wish seattle washington would get a new team. i used to love the sonics when i was growing up.

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i know you can fit 2 basketballs in a rim at the same time. if you ever take a rim off and put it on the ground. it’s kinda a big target.

also if new orleans had a better team name i would probably root for them. but i can’t get behind supporting a team named the pelicans haha.

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I remember playing a full court game at local recreation center before I got sz I almost barfed from all the running and my lungs felt like they were on fire

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People always assumed I’d be good at basketball when I was in school because I’m quite tall.
what they forgot is that I have no motor skills, haha, I’m as graceful as a drunk elephant in a glass shop.


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