Celtics warriors (nba)


gonna be Celtics warriors this season. I like the Celtics but don’t like kyrie. I think he dribbles too much and stalls the offense playing 1 on 1. a good point guard just needs to keep the ball moving, run the fast break, knock down open 3 point shots and play defense.

the pacers (here in Indiana) had me intrigued until they signed tyreke evans, another ball stopper that goes out and gets his. at least that’s what he was when I wrote him off seasons ago. these type of selfish me first guys are all over nba, the league needs to be purged with some good offense and ball movement.

lakers finish 6th or 7th in the west. LeBron is ok, he’s not as good as he used to be. once again, did nothing but come off ball screens against the Celtics last postseason down the stretch. not a fan of that kind of basketball, you got 5 pro’s on the floor everybody should be able to shoot and pass.

not a big football fan so im happy basketball is about to get underway. trying to decide if im going to get nba.tv. it’s either baseball or basketball, I was always a big basketball fan but got fed up with the style of play in the nba.

also I need to buy me some green celtic shorts to lift weights in.

larry bird forever. lol


I’m a Brooklyn nets fan

I think we are on the rise

Warriors vs whoever…warriors will win. Raptors are decent as well.


Watch out the Nuggets may be the new Warriors.


lol, I used to like the nuggets but I don’t follow them real close. are they looking strong this season? I almost bought me a nuggets cap when I visited my sister last year, but decided to get a rockies hat.


you know what I forgot that the nba has courted fan betting. I heard they were going to put kiosks to take bets in the arenas. maybe the games will be fixed and the whole thing will be ruined. o well I guess ill get nba.tv to see for myself.


thought about it a little more and decided not to get nba.tv. with me going back to school it’s probably not a good idea to have another distraction from schoolwork. i’d like to watch the games, maybe in a couple years.


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