I suffer nonstop from intrusive brain content

Off olanzapine it was worse, but the intrusive brain content is still there, big time.

What did your pdoc say about this situation? :slight_smile:

Have u gain any weights…ereZ…???

Its hard to stop the intrusion. I should know.

Have you ever tried CBT?

It really helped me with my intrusive thoughts and OCD.


They are good for positive symptoms…

CBT is great for coping with intrusive thoughts.

I was nearly crippled by OCD and intrusive thoughts, CBT changed my life.

Maybe it won’t work for everyone, but its worth a try.


Have u applied cbt for negative symptoms…

I mostly struggle with positive symptoms.

Haven’t tried it with negatives,

But I feel like anything that helps you block certain ideas and behaviors is beneficial.

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I dont have positive symptoms…only negative and cognitive symptoms…