I stop sarcosine


Today, I stop sarcosine after 4 months with different dosages :

  • 1g/day 1st week
  • then 2g/day during 3 months
  • I’ve rencently reduced to 1g/day then 500mg/day due to some inner tensions, irritability, anxiety and some psychotic-like symptoms.

Everything was okay during the first three months with some improvement on cognition but not on the core of negative symptoms like avolition/clinophilia. Then negative side effects occured lately. Maybe my glutamate level has reached an optimum after 3 months of treatment with a gaussian decrease in benefits after this one? Or maybe the change in provider (Supersmart to Brainvitaminz) can explain this modification? Or maybe interaction with the AP? I don’t know!!! If you have any suggestions about these side-effects, or same experience on sarcosine they are welcome.


Has anything else changed in your mix during this time - e.g. have you changed medications? (what medication are you on?), etc.

Generally from what I’ve read - agitation, tension or irritibility results when you start reaching the upper levels of your tolerable intake of sarcosine (for your body).

See this research paper:

If the increased agitation started immediately upon changing from one supplier (e.g. Supersmart) to another (e.g. BrainVitaminz) it suggests to me that the the newer product is more pure or of higher quality since you can get by with less of the produce to achieve the same result (or similarly, if you immediately switched over to the new provider at the same level (e.g. 2 grams/day) and the response was much higher (e.g. more agitation).

Do you take equal amounts in the morning and afternoon? (e.g. 1 gram and 1 gram each time, or 1/2 gram and 1/2 gram)? That is what the research suggests.

I also find it strange that a number of these providers suggest up to 6 grams a day of sarcosine - but in all the research I’ve seen the maximum of only 4 grams / day ever used. So I’m unsure of how much I would trust these vendors that say 6 grams a day is OK.

More generally - I generally avoid the cheapest suppliers when it comes to supplements, because so many of them have had problems with quality, from what I’ve read.



I think Brainvitaminz product is stronger than Supersmart


I think that in my case the sarcosine cure has to be ended after a certain duration because glutamate level reaches an optimum within a few months. After this one, benefits decrease or worst side-effects occur


Thats an interesting idea. I’ve heard the opposite from some posters on this board - where the sarcosine stops working and they increase the dose. Other times they go low dose and then higher dose.

Different things seem to work for different people. Just try and let us know what works for you.


just to add - i’m on 12 mg of perphenazine, 20 mg atorvastatin and i just started taking about 1.2 grams of NAC, and 1 gram of corcumin.