I start to be really constipated, what if it will be forever?

it starts ot be tough on this side… I dont know what I am going to do if ill remain forever constipated. it was the same thing on leponex. I couldn’t go to toilet without laxatives at all for all the time that I took leponex(clozapine)…

well you probably have Crome disease

or you can just go to the clinic

and the doc’ll give you specific drugs

its because of the drugs. you mean that I should not stop my meds but take another meds against this constipation?

NO. Don’t do anything yet. Taking medical advice based on what you’ve heard from strangers on the Internet is very VERY unhealthy. This could simply be the result of stress or your diet. SEE A PHYSICIAN ABOUT THIS FIRST before you start messing with your medication or adding medications.

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Whats constipation? Is it when it comes out too fast or not at all?

for my constipation I drink a couple glasses of prune juice. I hope this works for you?


@Anna1 Make sure you drink plenty of water and consider taking a fiber supplement or psyllium. Prune juice or stewed prunes can help too.

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^^^That would be a major bummer :persevere:

a condition in which there is difficulty in emptying the bowels, usually associated with hardened feces.

----------This concludes our public service announcement :smile:----------

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When my students would become constipated from their medications, we would give them Miralax. It comes in a powder, and you dissolve it into a cold beverage. It can be taken every day without messing up your body. Stay away from the laxative chocolates and other stimulant laxatives, unless directed by your doctor, because if they are overused, your bowels become dependent on them.


so I could take Miralax all my life? its polyethylene glycol, that’s it? cause miralax doesn’t exist in my country…

I have also used prune juice. Currently I take Magnesium every day because I also suffer from constipation if I don’t. Magnesium works great for me and my doc knows I take it. Definitely take to your doc. Oh ya, I also take a stool softener prescribed by my pdoc too. With those taken daily I have zero issues. Good luck.

Yes, they are the same. You should still discuss it with a doctor before making any permanent changes. But if you’re looking for immediate relief, it’s a safer option.