Constipation sucks

How does one deal with being backed up and can’t go? What do you take to help? Antipsychotics suck!

Are you on Clozapine?

Edit: there are laxatives you can get on prescription. Ask your psychiatrist or doctor

No, on risperidone and lurasidone.

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vegetables, metamucil, flax seeds all work


I wouldn’t mess around with constipation as it can be fatal. Talk to your doctor about prescription laxatives.

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I take Miralax. It’s not actually a laxative. It’s a safe and gentle stool softener. I don’t know where you’re from but I’m in the US. That’s where I get it


I take Miralax every day. I dissolve it in two cups of water. It is flavorless.

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Yeah, I’m in the US. I did take some Miralax hopefully it’ll work.


me as well I am only constipated after taking metformin anyone else have problems with metformin stopping you from having a bm? Anyhow I take MiraLAX every day in juice water is too gritty for my taste and its helping and I take fiber gummies orange flavored by Metamucil it also helps me laxatives are the worst thing you can put in your body and you become addicted to it and they cause you more harm than good in my opinion.

Miralax is a good alternative to Laxatives not as harsh on your body and your bowels will stay regular

Psyllium husk but not near medication time unless you want to poop out your medication too

Milk of Magnesia. Prilosec OTC. Had to cut back on other stuff.

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