I start my job on Sunday

I went to orientation today for my new job. There was a ■■■■ load of information but I think I’ll remember most of it.

I am glad to have a job because the pay is so good but I am very nervous about my meds getting in the way of me being productive or sharp.

I get the feeling that I might be going too fast and that I might not be ready for the job but I’m going to give it my all


Are u able to cope…despite being sz…

Yes I believe in you nomad you can do it.


I have a placeholder diagnosis called psychotic depression so I’m not sZ

To answer ur question I’m 50/50 about my coping abilities

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I wish you well at this @Nomad try not to feel too overwhelmed.

Take care. :v:

good luck :slight_smile:

what is the job btw?

When starting a new job, you will be exhausted the first couple of weeks

you will want to quit

but it gets better when you stick it out

the transition takes time

Pace yourself @Nomad
You can do it! :slight_smile:


Good luck!! :blush: