I sometimes feel like I’m in hell

I don’t know if this belongs here but sometimes I feel like I’m in hell.

Sometimes it’s because of the way I’m feeling like lack of desire, enjoyments motivation etc but sometimes I look around me and see resemblance to the descriptions of hell.

Hate feeling this way. Feel like it right now. It’s a belief but it’s also emotional for me.


When they start heating you up, and your head is on fire,

then come talk to me.

I had it happen once on my b-day… My parents took me to a super nice restraunt and i pigged out… Well when dessert came i freaked cause i was enjoying everything so much but i wasnt getting full, like it was a punishment that i was enjoying myself and the food would keep coming and id never would br satisfied cause id always be hungry… Never being satisfied is kinda what i think hell be like… To the point where its torture to want something right outta reach…


You aren’t in Hell, but yes, this world and our symptoms in it can give us a glimpse of it at times.


I hope I’m not in hell. But that makes sense.

Ive been there to . Right now I feel like I’m in heaven though haha, no joke. Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven amen😁

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It is interesting the concept of hell.

I have the notes for a new fictional tale about it written up about the six realms of existence that occupy Samsara.

I have written the notes and started the book where there are six personalities each occupying their space. i.e someone who lives as a god ( a person who lives in perfection not caring for others that much), another who lives as a demi-god ( a drug dealer who doesn’t care and does his evil without giving a damn), a normal human ( who crosses all of the realms and is the protagonist), an animal, a hungry ghost ( a drug addict) and a person living in hell ( a schizophrenic).

I aim to intertwine them in a story.

These are the six realms found in Buddhist terminology.

I agree that quite a lot of szs are living in a hell based realm, but that is just my spin on it.

I have the basics worked out, i just need to think some more on how to make it into a good fictional tale. :slight_smile:


I believed the voices at one time when they said I was in a hell dimension to pay for some grave misfortune. Very scary thought.

Can you switch up your routine or something? Maybe have a go-to activity when this hits? Or maybe someone to call, I text my mom for reality checking sometimes. She’s across the country but still just a phone call away.

You aren’t in hell though, man. There are things worse than this. Imagine being blind or fully paralyzed.


I normally play the PlayStation if I’m feeling off to take my mind off things. I have my dog and I moved back in with my mum not long ago as I wasn’t functioning that great living independently but she works strange hours and shifts so she is working overnight tonight. She works like 36 hours straight sometimes it’s just ridiculous.

I do have my case worker I can call but she is on holiday this week.

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I play games too, to keep things at bay and to have something to do. Online ones are fun! I went on discord for the first time to get together with some other gamers to take down a challenge in Diablo 3 for my switch. I also get my butt kicked with regularity on smash brothers ultimate, but I still have loads of fun. Shoryuken!

It’s nice to have a pet too, I don’t live with one right now and I kinda miss her. When I was up late the cat would chill with me sometimes.


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