I slept well after taking my meds

I typically start sleeping at 9.00 P.M. after taking my meds and wake up when I do, typically around 5:00 A.M… So I slept eight hours which is good. I took immediately my laptop, made some coffee and drank some orange juice. How long do you sleep usually?

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It usually depends. Some times if I’m on a “regular” cycle, I oversleep. If I’m on an awkward cycle of “sleep when I want to sleep” I sleep the usual 7-8 hours. These days I’m in bed by 2-3am and up at 7-8am. So it’s semi-normal. Last week I was all out of whack with some all-nighters here and there.

Typically I go to sleep at 9pm and I wake up around 7 with an alarm, It’s been like that for a while now…but since I’ve stopped taking my Lexapro and started on the Prozac it’s been hard for me to keep a regular schedule. I sleep during the day and now it’s midnight and I’m still awake. I need to find the routine again. :sleeping:

Vampire hours.
Head to bed about 3-4 AM, wake up about 5 PM.

it depends. sometimes i’m able to go to bed at a normal time like 10 pm and am able to sleep through the night into the morning, say 7 or 8. Other days i’m up until 7:30 a.m. and sleeping till 5 or 9 pm. Used to be I was just an insomniac and that latter instance would be the norm, my meds make it so i sleep anytime anywhere almost. Thankfully i’m at home 24/7.

Meds make all the difference in my life. Without these I would be up without sleeping and then my mind would be very paranoid and messed up. I would do stupid things such as publishing some private info on the net. I have some pain in my feet and I have the neuropathy, which is why I will go to some examinations in this week and after these I have a meeting with the main neurologist of the hospital. Fortunately I have Pramipexole for my restless legs syndrome, but still sometimes the pain is so bad that I can not sleep, but eventually sleep comes.

I usually fall asleep after midnight, after i take my clonidine, then i wake up at 9am problem is the morning sedation is hard to fight so i sometimes sleep until 1pm a couple of times until 5pm.

Typically 10-12 hours a night.

Winter in bed around 8:00 or 9:00 p.m. up around 4:00 a.m.

Summer in bed around sunset and up with sunrise. I love sunrise.