I saw this football player bench press

I saw this pro football player on TV bench press 225 lbs. forty-five times. Back when I was in sort of good shape the most I ever bench pressed 225 was nine times. I’ve lost so much of my former strength. I guess that is what happens when you are 62.


I believe Schwarzenegger used to do 225 lbs 60 times- amazing! I used to follow a strength program for a couple years. I got up to 405lbs 5 times. I was 21 at the time and natural


My brother did 315 twice on bench when he was 16. Its crazy what dedication can do. I acutally did 160 when I was 12, but I lost it and never really regained that much improvement again. I can now do only 245lbs on bench.

Before my husband was injured, he bench pressed 315 pounds 45 times. That’s back when he was Mr Michigan.

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