I saw a shocking, true crime documentary about a schizo serial killer and feel bad now

His name is Pazuzu Algarad. He is diagnosed as schizotypal like me. He was an abhorrent, disgusting outcast, and I felt really bad about him having the same diagnosis as me.

I couldn’t see any traces of myself in his story. Yes i had a bad childhood, but his childhood was a disaster. Yes i was a little off when i was a teenager, but he was a total loser.

I live in a clean and cozy apartment, he was living in a house that looked like hell (literally, he was a satanist).

I don’t know why I feel so bad about it. I wish I hadn’t seen it. Perhaps because I feel he was a victim of his bad upbringing - a bad upbringing is absolutely no excuse to behave like he did…

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I’m watching the same documentary as you’re refering to, but I haven’t finished it yet. But I believe there is something more to Pazuza than “just” being schizotypical. By the way I was surprised that that was his diagnosis, I would have guessed him to fit one of the personality dissorders.
But it is an interesting documentary though.


It’s a bit complicated. The diagnosis is called schizotypic in europe and considered a kind of schizophrenia. In the US it’s called schizotypal personality disorder and considered a personality disorder.

And yes: the production value of the documentary is very high, it is well edited and interesting.

The thing I hate about my diagnosis is that a lot of the mass shootings and mass murderers in US was done by people suffering from traits that are very similar to schizotypy. The character (Robert de Niro) in the movie “Taxi Driver” was based upon a schizotypal character.

I know that i don’t have a seed of violence in my blood, i never harmed anyone, still the mass media portray people with my MI as outcasts and mass murderers.

I’m really distressed about this documentary. I don’t want to watch “true crime” ever again.

The rest of the evening I want to listen to soft, happy music. Grateful Dead. Lot’s of sunshine and happy hippie tunes.

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Jason Voorhees killed far more people but he never gets his own true crime show.

Pazuzu was really messed up. He lived not far from me when I loved in NC.

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Don’t feel beat yourself up about it. You didn’t choose to have schizophrenia and you wouldn’t do anything like that. Many people have a rough upbringing but that doesn’t make them serial killers. I haven’t watched the documentary, maybe it invokes sympathy for the killer. Try not to feel bad about being stable. I understand there is some common ground in having a mental illness and maybe it was he had a really difficult childhood but don’t worry too much. Sometimes things like that can affect us for several days, I know that sort of thing can make us wonder. That’s usually why I don’t read too much into crimes committed by people with schizophrenia. Hope you feel better soon.

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You know you’re not like him so you’re ok. He may have been misdiagnosed anyway. Or maybe that disorder is on a spectrum like many others.

I’m sorry you feel bad. I hope you feel better about yourself soon. I can tell you’re a good person and I’m sure you’re nothing like him.

If you’re worried what other people think about you, just don’t tell others your diagnosis. I don’t tell people mine with the exception of a few people whom I know and trust.

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You can be a jerk with or without sz. The disease didn’t make him kill people. He made a conscious decision to be nasty as possible.

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Seen the documentary.

He had a lot more going on, other than SZA.

Having SZA didn’t make him a killer, it was a personal choice.

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Thanks @anon4362788 @CoCo @schizophrenisaurus @anon54386108 … i feel better now.

I don’t know why i got so distressed, of course a sz diagnose doesn’t make you neither good or bad. It’s just a condition.

I think it might be because one of my (female) friends was murdered in sadistic way when i was young. I was interviewed by the police, because we hang out the same places. I couldn’t help them, and it was kind of traumatic. They never found the guy who commited the murder, but they are pretty sure (by now) that he is in jail, for a murder he committed after the killing of my friend, but they lack the hard evidence.

It gave me nightmares for a long period, and whenever i see something about serial killers, i remember the episode.

I understand. They still haven’t found d the person that murdered and mummified my cousin. That was in the late 90s.

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I only browsed the posts in like two seconds. And I have never seen this documentary. But I will tel you that schizophrenic people can kill. I’ve heard voices telling me to kill. I didn’t take them seriously. I heard voices telling me to kill myself. I did take them seriously. Right now my voices just shame me sexually . Voices can change over time. My voices were extremely nasty and vile when I first heard them. Maybe schizophrenia did not cause him to become a killer. But I disagree with the assumption that voices will not make you hurt people. I’m a good guy no matter what but this is an extremely serious disorder not to be taken lightly. I’m on a low dose of meds which I plan on staying on but I’ve heard voices that pissed me off so much that it made me threaten people. I’m skinny and weak and can’t fight do not own or carry weapons and have absolutely the lowest chance of acting out in voices. But I believe this disorder and some other similar disorders can really change people.


You sure do have a lot of opinions about a documentary you’ve never watched.


I’m not going to write all of the details regarding Algarad because it will probably trigger some people.

Algarad was not diagnosed with schizophrenia, but he was diagnosed with many mental disorders. I don’t think Algarad was in his right mind for much of his life.

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I know what you mean. I have attacks of intrusive thoughts telling me to kill my dear neighbor, but i don’t take them serious, i regard them as “noise” - just stupid cognitive dissonance.

Yes :raised_hands: Rex my favorite! What’s up!! I have all kinds of opinions. I’m weird af! :joy: take care

Hey, moderators, please shut this thread down if it becomes to much of a trigger. Im going to bed now.

Nighty nighty.


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