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If I could make an ad or video or something, I would explain that people have less to fear from people with sz, in my case I’m more afraid of you than you are of me. I wanna stress that point, kids walking outside with scooters make me paranoid lol. Maybe help dissolve some stigma from mental illness.


It wouldn’t help. Everyday in my news feed there’s something about a schizophrenic killing or harming someone.

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I made a video once about sz but ads sound way much cooler.

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I think the worst offenders are shows like Criminal Minds or CSI where the serial killer is always a schizophrenic.

The stigma will never go away when people see crap like that all the time.

A PSA wouldn’t help.


Even with the best meds there will always be some who will refuse or stop taking meds possibly leading them to do crimes or suicide.
Maybe they should find a permanent sz solution that you only take or do once. Like a pill, brain surgery, implant, etc

Also early detection methods like blood tests, etc will help.

Mental health advocates are always saying “don’t try to portray mental illness as being something edgy or cool”, which musicians always do anyway. I tried to write a story which no one bought. Anywho I think if people actually read my book, that is what I would be accused of, trying to paint the mentally ill character as somewhat cool. At least they are the “victim” and not an axe murderer in my story.


Yes mental illness has become kinda cool in a weird way, here’s proof [Trigger warning]

There was an ad that I think the actor, Glen Close, had a huge part in producing. But I remember it was a psa about schizophrenia and stigma.

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I made a youtube video and tried to promote a website about two years ago designed to share stories of real people with this illness.

It didn’t work out.

Cost me a bit of money too, but it was worth it to see if anyone was going to benefit from it

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Wow @lofifunk that was hard to watch!

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Yeah I remember when it first came out I was offended, I cant watch the whole thing. Just weird lol

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I like Criminal Minds but you’re right, sadly. Wish psychotic illness sufferers got the positive representation we deserve.

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Her sister has schizophrenia,

I read an article about it.


Very interesting, Rexy!

I think she also has a nephew who has schizophrenia.

Glen Close seems like a really cool person. Raising awareness and all. :+1:


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