I said to my mum

My mum is visiting Australia from Sweden and I had not seen her in four years before she came.

It’s great to see her again and I love her but she is complicated and difficult and tries bossing me about and I can think she is suppressive.

We have had lots of fights while she has been staying with me.

Today she said something about me seeking fights and trouble and I told her I was living peacefully till she got here and she was furious and said she could change her ticket and go back to Sweden early.

The thing is it’s true.

I clearly have issues with both my parents and I believe I love my former stepmom more than I love them.much more.

I love my parents but I do fight with them a lot.

I appreciate that my mum is alive and I love her but her mannerisms and behaviour is difficult for me .

I get annoyed and angry and upset and have awful feelings I did not have before she came.

I actually was living in peace.

But she woke up bad feeling in me and her behaviour is difficult for me.

She became furious the other day because I wore too much makeup.
I had black eyeliner on.

It’s none of her business.

We have different taste.

Hope she doesn’t go home early.

I love her and she is my mum but it’s difficult having her stay with me.

She is going back in about two weeks to Sweden and I don’t know when I will see her next time.

She makes me so upset.

My parents are definitely not easy going people.

So sad we fight.

I was actually living peacefully before she came.

We always have had a difficult relationship.


Is your mom religious? Is that why she thought you had too much makeup on? My mom always gets upset with me for not wearing enough makeup. You never know what people’s parents will be on them about. I hope you can find a way to let her comments roll off you since you know she’s leaving soon anyway. That’s how I am with my mom. I mostly let it roll right off me.

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No she hates religion.:slightly_smiling_face:

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I’m sorry you’re finding this visit upsetting. I know it was you had peace before but you didn’t have her. So try to appreciate your mom the best you can and like @ZmaGal let in roll right off. You don’t know when you’ll see her next. I’m trying to appreciate my stressful visit too knowing I will miss them when they are gone.


:slightly_smiling_face:I know I miss her when she is in Sweden and I do appreciate her but golly is she a handful.

I think my parents and I are just such different people and our chemistry maybe just is as it is.

It’s like they have hate for me and I mean hate.

Yeah I will try to keep :sunglasses:and not get my knickers in a knot.

I shouted her lunch today so thankful for that and thankful we have a nice time together too.
It’s not all bad.
I enjoy being with her to.

It’s really lovely to have her here but we definitely have our moments.


She was once the one I loved most but she changed and became hateful somehow.

I still love her but not like I used to.

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I went through a phase like that with my mom, but we get along now. Just take deep breaths and try to calm your mind when she rattles you. If you can’t, maybe go for a walk around the neighborhood to clear your mind.

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