I resigned

I spoke to my HR today.

And resigned my work.

She said I can get better and apply again once well.

I know she just said for the sake of it.

Anyways I will come up with something as income.

I am sure about it.

I am happy that I gave up.

But for better outcome.

I will spend more time now on the field I am interested in


I hope you can get a better job.

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Good luck with your future endeavors :slight_smile:


I think I will won’t try for a job now, 9 to 5 job is hard most of them I feel it’s repeating jobs.

I will come up with something.

I know now that repeating jobs are not my thing.
I lose interest in them so fast.

I will figure out a way.

I have already enrolled in a course from IBM.

Hopefully I can complete it in a months time.

It’s a 6 months course but have to do it in one months time as I paid less amount.

I feel I can do it because I have done those subjects before.

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Rooting for you

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I hope it works out okay.

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