My job of three years is in jeopardy

I want to quit. I feel like giving up a prized job. Any worker bees out there who can be critical? I respond better to criticism than praise.


I have felt like this for ages now. I dropped to four days, that didn’t help as my workload has not changed and I have things booked in for the next 6 weeks, and I keep getting side-tracked helping other people. It’s just not working out.

When I get these urges to throw my laptop at the wall, scream my ■■■■■■■ head off and walk away from it all, I remember that without this employment I cannot afford to live independently from my family and my step-dad is a ■■■■ and I never want to live with him again.

Some people say put your health first, but the truth of the matter is that if you choose work over benefits (I accept living on benefits also has its own challenges), you totally ■■■■ yourself over if anything goes wrong as the financial aspect plays a important role. There is no real safety net.

Do you kinda get the point I am trying to make? Sorry I ramble sometimes. All I am trying to say is you have chosen to work, and it’s like being backed into a corner financially once you have lived it and something may/may not go wrong.

You may have marketable skills that work in your favour, so you might be able to find another job dependent on where you live/circumstances.

Sorry if I come across as being an ■■■■■■■, I don’t intend it that way.

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@Joker you just spoke your mind. And I can’t see any offence in your word. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yes, I do understand your point. I think I just responded emotionally and not logically/ factually. I’ve already started to climb the mountain and in some regards I’ve already reached the summit. It’s now downhill, the job duties are now routine, but then sz will get its claws into me. Sz will question my every thought to the point where it paralyzes me. Every decision my manager makes I will stress out over.

@Joker Your situation sounds tougher than mine as I currently do not live independently and rely on family for emotional support. What kind of work do you do? I’m in sales/ marketing. No apology needed, your input is welcomed.

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@gene I am in the same situation. I have reached a point where what I do is getting tiresome/too stressful. It may be time for a change and a new start somewhere new where you can learn different skills to change your routine? This plays on my mind a lot.

It’s ok, I can rely on my mum for support, but I try not to lean on her too much as I don’t want to be a burden on her. My step-dad and I have a slightly better relationship now we have some distance from each other, be he can still be an absolute prick when he drinks and I will just leave their house when he kicks off. I don’t know why my mum puts up with it tbh.

The living independently thing is just a constant stress as I am breakeven, so when I am feeling unwell I still have to go to work otherwise I will end up getting into debt.

I also work in marketing/sales. After being diagnosed, I refused the benefits in the end as the process back in 2013 in the UK was really draining and went on for months, and I tried out temping two days a week where my mum and aunt work, and have been there ever since they offered me a full-time job.

Ok thanks, I just worry sometimes that I say the wrong thing as my social skills are not great. I like writing as it gives me time to evaluate what I am saying, but wasn’t sure in this case.

Hope you find a solution that alleviates your stress levels as with Sz we need to be careful of this.


Yes, I am looking for that routine change. But it kinda scares me since I know my co-workers and they know me. Starting over somewhere else would mean I’d have to acquaint myself with new people-- stressful for anyone.

My next step is to live independently. Kudos to you for having done that-- more than most szs can manage. It’s funny how much we sz folk have in common. Socially, I go out maybe once a month and seldom have a good time. Would rather be by my lonesome.

Thanks for your responses, nice to know I’m not alone in work struggles.


I’m impressed that you are so independent and have job congrats! I’m sorry you’re struggling and having so much trouble. I still live with my parents and am not independent

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I live with my folks. They help me. Nothing to be ashamed of. Living independently arrives and when it does, I’ll be ready!

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