I recomand meditation to everybody



I’ve been meditating for 10 years everyday.
Before schizophrenia, I had many samadhis and absorption and ecstasies. After schizophrenia, I hear voices louder than ever


I prefer mindfulness.


Me to
It’s the first I’ve tried
And it worked


It has always always ALWAYS made my positive symptoms worse. I just need to be busy with something at all times. Has done the trick for a quarter century now.


I have a lot of trouble meditating it doesn’t seem worth it to me it makes me uncomfortable maybe I do it wrong??


I think it’s preety common amongst a large percent of sz/bipolars/ people with mentall illness.

Before medication/on bad medication and off medication I always find it terrible. Making my symtoms worse as youve said.

But after a few failed attempts it works (on the right medication meaning not to much not to little. Im really a newbie but I think some meds are interfering with it)

@Gratitude don’t worry man. It happend to me also before. Now I don’t want to say you’re doing wrong or it is for you. It’s not for everybody from what I’ve seen on the board.

Theres other alternatives like yoga/breathing exercises/praying. Depends on many factors what works for you

If it’s makes you uncomfortable I recomand to not try it but it’s been a miracle for me


Meditation has always fared up my moods.


I just sing praises to the Sun God

when out walking in nature

old songs I know and used to play on my guitar.

Meditation? hmmm, it requires too much.

It got some of it in Pilates though, back when I was in excellent shape.


It really doesn’t cost a thing. All you need is yourself. Not even cloths are requires.

Damn, now my imagination starts wondering.


If it’s uncomfortable or difficult, maybe you are using a method which might not be a good one for you.

In a short lesson in a yoga class - my thoughts slowed down! to where I could follow them. It was a simple technique -