I reakon what i went through was

i reakon what i went through was biblical in a certain sense

One of my psychotic breakdowns involved Religion…I get where you’re coming from.

I felt a bit like Christ had returned to Earth in the form of a $hit joke Artist like myself. I’ve been better off since that experience. It really humbled me. I post nicer…treat those around me with more respect…and am generally a better person because of it.

If every cloud has a silver lining, then this was the upshot of one of my trips through Hell.


Do you mean you realized it after you got well, or during the episodes? Because we usually find meaning after the fact, but persecution and delusion during it.

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Both during and after…enlightenment.

Yeah me too. And also like @Patrick it humbled me. Now I’m glad I’m a nobody :smile:


I hear ya, @Minnii

I kept wandering around the Psych Ward telling everybody…"I’m NOT Christ…and I’m NOT Hitler!! I’m just Patrick and I just want my little job and family life back!!


i use the word ‘‘through’’ because i am on the other side of it now, and in a much better place

I’ve thought I was both Hitler and Christ. That I was in hell cuz I was Hitler, or I was the Chosen one aka Christ.

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I mentioned this on the site already, but I’ll tell it again with details. I thought I was god, and in the ward there was this guy that thought he was the devil… and we kinda helped each other. We were on the same group therapy, and I went on talking about my exboyfriend who abused me, and he came to say he was sorry about it, that he really hoped it wasn’t his fault. That was a reality check for me, it was not my fault (as I thought at the time) or his fault the guy had nothing to do with it… We hugged. Pretty beautiful moment.


i had the delusion me and the devil raped every person in the world and god punished me by being in hell, and a 100,000 different deaths i was going to get

the ‘‘fear’’ drove me nuts

When I thought I was Hitler I thought even if I killed myself I would be re-incarnated back into Hell…so there was no avoiding it. Probably good I thought that.

But then I thought “Wait, I’m not racist…And I’m Jewish”, so maybe this is just a lesson to be taught…well first I thought “My dad’s Jewish and he’s part of the one punishing me through his bad parenting”…And I thought about a week before my grandfather died, he looked at me and then looked at my Dad and said “I love you”…and my grandfather fought in World War 2 as a Jewish American, so I thought that moment was my grandfather saying to my Dad “Thanks for ■■■■■■■ up Hitler reincarnations life”

Now I don’t blame my father and I’m on meds and I don’t have all these crazy thinkings and delusions anymore.

I also thought i was an alien in a robot society.

DAMN IM ■■■■■■.


us sufvifers of these wars should be honoured with medals of bravery for going through all this ■■■■

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I’ve mentioned this before…

During one of my stays at the Psyche ward there were TWO women who thought they were Christ!

A male patient I had befriended asked me…“Pat, if either one of these two women really is Christ, which one would you choose to go to council with??”

So I thought about it for a sec, and then in typical guy fashion, I replied…“The one with the biggest boobs!”

I was getting better and my sense of humor was kicking in… lol!


i can relate to all of your pain and hardship we are all in a way in the same boat, we carried the cross of suffering i offer up my suffering now because now i am a all round better person from it


Ahahah that’s funny.

A bunch of Christs walking around, and they say he hasn’t come back!


for composation i want big money in return

Yeah one of my psych ward stays I met a guy who was Moroccan and he kind of looked like Christ and thought he was Christ. We became friends. But I never told him I thought I was Christ. He was more open about it.

I wasn’t raised with any real religious education… I never thought I was Christ…

But I did think I was on the path be becoming a Zen master… a healer…

I think I was just trying to find calm within myself… so I was trying to bring others a sense of calm as well…

When I was in hospital… I used think I could only know mental calm if I lived mental chaos… That sort of thinking didn’t really help at all.

That’s how I kinda knew I was getting better too.

I also thought I was Christ and they were going to crucify me. Then when I realised the arrogance of my belief I thought I was the devil and was in hell. Or Christ-Devil that had been sent to hell. Dark times but I got through it. Now I’m just a regular wally.