I thought I was the antichrist

I remember I freaked out because, I thought I was the antichrist. I was in my early 20’s.

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It’s a common one…I had it too. Glad we both got over it. I still have lingering feelings because of the illness.

I even thought I was a fallen angel or “Watcher” from the Book of Enoch. My creativity went haywire…

well, it’s really good you don’t think that way now.

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Thank you leafy…15151515

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How sid you get over it… I think I’m the devil

Age 17, thought I was Jesus. Been there, believed that.


If I remember correctly, I think I just figured it out that it was not true…and it was delusional. I hope you will do the same thing.

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I think I’m the son of Lucifer. They just upped my meds though. Still seeing signs from him but less and less frequently now.

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My voices were satanists and made me join them for a time the devil and the antichrist comunicated with me via telepathy.

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I considered i might be Satan… Or something fallen too.
I kinda decided to try to be kind anyway… And the guilty lonely reflection dissipated…

Not too much fun to have such a delusion . . .

I’m glad you were able to work through it Jake.

Would it be so bad to be the Antichrist?

Jesus is a human sacrifice in Christian mythology. I overcame a Jesus delusion by thinking of this.

This happened to me in a walmart and i flipped out proclaiming i was the antichrist to everyone LOL… I thought someone would flip out and stake me there, but everyone just walked around me looking at me while hands on my head “im the anticrist ohhhh nooo”


I never believed i was the Antichrist,
but i have 3 demonic voices:
Lucifer, Louisa and 27000 demons

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