I quit tobacco and switched to vaping

Last dezember I bought a new vaping device, and couple liquids with 6 mg nicotine in a vaping store. I was smoke free for a week, but started smoking tobacco again. After a while I got back to the store and bought everything to mix my own liquid with 12 mg nicotine, since them I’m off tobacco. Now I could reduce to 9 mg of nicotine, and it’s fine. I already bought another new vaping device.

I got a Uwell Whirl 20 and a Lynden NXT. For me vaping will be a little bit more than half that expensive as smoking tobacco. As a smoker I was making my own cigarettes with a machine and sleeves, that took one third of my money each month.

I also tried to quit vaping cold turkey, but it is exactly that hard as quitting tobacco cold turkey for me. So I reduced already, maybe I can reduce in couple months again. Because I want to stay at 9 mg of nicotine right now. The point where I knew that I will not smoke tobacco again was when I smoked tobacco the last time while I was also vaping, I puked twice from smoking tobacco.


That’s cool that you were able to make the switch.

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Nicotine isn’t that harmful. It’s addictive but it’s just a stimulant. And vaping doesn’t cause much damage to the lungs, so it’s good that you switched. I tried vaping for fun and for a nicotine rush, but quit after 1 day as I couldn’t vape properly cos it burnt my throat.

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