Switched to vaping

After quitting cigarettes and being on the gum for 2 years, picking up the habit again not too long ago; I decided to switch to vaping. Tired of constantly coughing and spending so much money on cigarettes.

Here’s to vape life.


Yay! Another vaper ! Good move.


I’m on 6mg nicotine lowering it slowly to 3mg then zero so I can quit vaping. I’ll probably keep vaping at zero. Though. But yes good for you getting rid those cigs.


Vaping is a much healthier alternative. I advise working down to 0mg you won’t vape half as much or have the nicotine addiction anymore and will then be able to quit vaping. It’s not as hard as it sounds. ( if you ever want to quit vaping)

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I need my nicotine to function properly @Fanny_Longbottom. I’am at 21mg and I think I’ll stay at this strength for a while.

I do, however, enjoy the many exotic flavours that vaping has to offer. If there is a really good flavour at 0mg I won’t hesitate to try it.

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