I quit the 'gifted subreddit'

I should’ve done it earlier. They were never going to accept me.


I tried to work Reddit before but never used it

If you feel that way probably best to quit it

Pretty sure you can rejoin if you miss it?

The only days I fit there are on my birthday and Xmas morning.



Good one.


I didn’t know you were gifted

What’s your superpower?

He is the official SZ.com researcher.



I hope that’s not mockery. @firemonkey is highly intelligent.


Not mockery, There are lots of intelligent people on here, we are all gifted at something I guess :slight_smile:

I tried Reddit once or twice but hated it, not a fan

True, but only a few percentage of people have IQs in a very high range that can be classified as genius or gifted and we don’t want to dismiss that, either.

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I think if I went to the gifted section of the subreddit forum I would be looked down upon as well.

What is your IQ score? It must be high to be considered gifted. For the record, by acknowledging someone’s intelligence, doesn’t mean I am downplaying other peoples intelligence at the same time. Many people are intelligent, but fewer people are considered gifted or geniuses.

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I’m in semi retirement mode/taken something of a backseat. @everhopeful has taken over that role and can’t be praised enough by me.


You’re still the OG.




Based on psychometrician created and /or normed tests it’s around 150. Gifted starts at 130 IQ. There are more than a few gifted people on this forum. We’re no better or worse than anyone else here. Occasional trolls/ bad mental health moments aside, we all bring something of value to these forums. We all deserve kindness and respect.


Reddit is awesome

everyone’s as angry as I am like all the time :open_mouth:

Seriously though, the schizophrenia subreddit is not a safe place to be. Not sure about how the rest of the site treats us, I mostly go there for video game related stuff.

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My only point to the other person was that gifted people deserve kindness and respect, as do everyone.


Completely agree.

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FM is a nice guy and he makes an excellent mod on discord,
I’ve been reading posts of his from the news section for about 15yrs,

FM never mind those bums on reddit they probably think they are so superior, its not very intelligent.

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They sound like a real bunch of turds, @firemonkey.

Just keep being yourself :+1:


Im kind of anti-group to begin with. Better to just be yourself and not try to gain acceptance in a group.

Individual 4 life :blush: