I put a small stream of toilet paper hanging over the bath to save a stuck spider

My good need of the day


That is very sweet. Lucky spider. :slight_smile:


I love spiders. Tarantulas for sure.

I kill spiders i annihilate them and destroy them i hate those little leg thingy guys multiple eyes screw these little dudes. But one was my friend it was a black widow and it was just hanging out keeping me company. Only spidey i liked honestly. She was a close friend of mine.

Well she was a genius she probably died is looking down saying go matt go :partying_face: ya baby she was spectacular !

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I hate insects and anything flying. They freak me out. I crush them.

Flying insects I mean, not birds. I actually had a bird pet in the past.

You have a good heart. I would have done the same thing. @bobbilly


Yesterday I saw a bee that had gotten entangled in a spider’s web. And not one, but two daddy long legs were waiting for it to get tired. But it managed to escape. I felt a bit of relief, to be honest.


Big spiders freak me out
Their was one in bath and I drowned it but felt guilty as the thing wanted to live
I did save a wasp thought and put a cloth on it and out the window

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