I saved a spider that fell in the toilet bowl

I would’ve off felt guilty if I flushed and it drowned in the sewers. We get loads of spiders this time of year in the U.K. I don’t mind them. I did my good deed of the day - smily face!


I try to save insects too !


I caught a grasshopper that got in the other day under a cup. Slid an envelope under the cup and carried him outside. That’s my method for safely relocating insects without harming them. Roaches get the boot though, I’m sorry I can’t save something that hideous and scary. I save spiders all the time though.


Depends on my mood. Although I have deep respect for bees and a sympathy for ants and butterflies. Anything else I might crush without hesitation on a bad day.

I love my little house spiders. :spider: The only time I’ll move them is if they’re on my bed or in the shower. Even then I just sort of scoot them along. I don’t think they’re meant to go outside.

Spiders in the toilet bowl is one of my greatest fears. I dont want a bite on the bum.

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I think saving insects is a waste of time. :smiling_imp:
I don’t kill them for sport, but I see it as a bad priority and a morally neutral act to spend even small amounts of time trying to save them.

I save some spiders. Some are poisonous over here do they get the treatment. Other things look bad but take care of insects so big huntsmen spiders I tolerate. I am not against bugs but on that level it’s survival of the fitist!

Over here in the old days you’d get the redbacks in the toilet bowl. On the old outhouses before plumbing you’d sit down and get bit. They are poisonous and the pain is pretty severe so they say. I don’t let a redback live in the house!

I try n set them loose in the garden wen I can but my depression means I have smudged a few of those little ones across the table… Those are fast aswell. Hope I don’t go to hell for it :unamused:

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