Gigantic fat spider in my laundry basket

Scared the ■■■■ out of me. Went to grab some laundry and there it was staring at me.

Had to kill it otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to sleep in the bedroom tonight.


Glad you killed the fat ■■■■■■ @Qwerty!

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Probably came up through the basement floor drain…make sure it is sealed better.

Oh no… Poor spider :frowning:


We had 2 bats enter our old apartment. I used my daughter’s Fisher Price toy net to scoop them up and put them outside.

The ladies of the household were freaking out! lol!


I don’t like killing spiders. I killed one recently in the toilet room and it began running away while I was killing it. So I had to finish the job off. Not really sure what else I could have done, it was too huge to pick up and take outside.

the trick is to put a glass cup over it and then slide something flat beneath it like cardboard or a flat plate. then take it outside


I never kill spiders. They catch and eat cockroaches. Spiders are our friends. I either let them stay in the house or I put them outside.


I once took a towel from its hanger and then this big spider fell out, it was such a shock. I probably screamed.

the worst is when you try to catch a spider in your room and then it goes missing ,and your bed is a matress on the floor… :confounded:


I rarely spare a spider’s life.
Same goes for roaches and a few other bug species.
Luckily spiders around here never get bigger than a grain of pepper, legs excluded of course.

I hate killing things. Makes me feel guilty. Whenever there’s a spider in my house, i capture it with a glass and something flat that you can slide over the open end of the glass once you’ve captured the spider. The only time i don’t do this is if the spider is poisonous. I’m not gonna risk getting bitten.


Whenever, I see a post about spiders, I think of this video.

TW if you’re scared of spiders, don’t watch this video.

I love the part where the kid says “Daddy…careful!”

And then when things do not go as planned, the kid says “I told you not to play with spider!” :spider: :scream: :smile:


Hahaha! Believe it or not, i was in a similar situation when i was still living in South Australia. I had a huntsman that big in my bedroom. I used the largest container i could to catch it. Thankfully, my attempt was successful.

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That was hilarious! I’m still laughing…

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I only kill the poisonous ones in the house. The big ones over here aren’t bad. They hunt little insects and it’s rare they bite. The poisonous ones are pretty sedate too but you can’t let them live inside the house. We’ve a brick veneer house and once the little red backs get in you never get rid of them.

@Moonbeam that is funny if you’ve never had to do that haha. Huntsman’s aren’t a bad spider and I let them live…but that is a big bugger for sure and probably female.


This is scary. I hate spiders! Blech!

This morning there was a big black spider in bath so I washed it down plug hole and went for my walk when I came back it was. There again so I washed it down plug hole then I put the plug on it

Im soo thankful we dont have spiders in hawaii, or snakes for that matter. We have alot of lizards tho, but they rule against the mosquitoes

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