I feel bad I killed a bug and a spider

It made me upset.

They were in my laundry bag when I got back to my bedroom.

Does it not seem bad that I killed them?

I’ve never been upset like this over killing a spider.

I’m OK now though. Cos I won’t do it again. Hopefully

I think it got to me because I have not been open minded about all people. Like I was not looking at them in a positive way with an open mind.

Instead I was being a b I t c h

It happens. I try and rescue spiders in my home and shoo them outside, but any other sort of bug is fair game. I still sleep well if a spider rescue ends badly.

That’s cool you rescue them.

I will follow your example.

Who am I to kill them

Just cos they don’t have a voice

I hate spiders. I smash those lil turds and shed zero tears!



I feel bad too about unnecessary insect obliterations. On the other hand I don’t mind eating meat, and that’s much worse I guess.

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That’s what I was fixing to say. Right now my room is infested with bed bugs. I kill 30 - 50 of them every day. It doesn’t bother me. Different forms of life are always fighting each other. Preying on each other. Maybe with the help of modern science we could transcend this situation, but I’m not that concerned about it. So many life forms prey on other life forms. Until we can genetically engineer ourselves to feed ourselves with chlorophyl and sunlight we will be destined to destroy other forms of life to live.


At least open minded instead of closed minded.

You can kill a thousand spiders a day for the rest of your life and there will still be plenty enough spiders on the planet to go around.

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Work in extermination.

If every soul is equal, every life, then I’ve been personally responsible for wiping entire generations and colonies off this planet.

They would kill you in a heartbeat if they could.

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Do what I do, trap them under a glass/cup and slide an envelope under it then release them outside.

Unless it’s a roach or ants, then there’s not much you can do but kill it as fast as possible.

I think that for the present we should try to eat less meat, but not completely eliminate meat from our diet. Producing meat puts a drain on resources. These “concentrated animal feeding operations” produce so much concentrated animal waste that they ruin the all water around it - ground water, lakes, ponds, rivers. Ideally, I would like to see us live in a more socialist economy, but socialism cannot match the drive and creativity of capitalism, but then again, all that drive and creativity might kill us.

Yea sure but what if they have feelings?

If it is a dangerous spider then I understand.

Every life is enormous to itself, but predatory animals don’t hesitate to kill and eat other animals. They think it is fun. If we exercise tender concern for every crawdad we would starve to death.

I’m a vegan and I’m not starved but I understand we are all different and that is nice and normal

I think they ought to do a study of body builders who lived on a vegan diet. I think plant protein digests easier than animal protein. Of course, you have to mix different plant proteins, because plant proteins generally don’t have all the crucial amino acids in a single plant.

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Yes I completely agree with you.

There’s plant protein in various stuff.

Even wholegrain rice etc.

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You need to mix rice and other grains like corn with different varieties of beans to get high quality protein.

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