I pulled an all-nighter last night

Now my sanity is really paying for it. I was just too scared to go to sleep because of nightmares. So I drank coffee and smoked all night and morning. And hung out on the board.

“Where is my mind?”

Ughhhh :confused:


Don’t feel too all alone. Lots of sz’s do that. I’m sorry you’re stressed out. Maybe you could talk to your pdoc about a med change.


Thank you for your kind response. I am at my Mom’s now, and I have a good support system here. I will definitely bring that up to the pdoc though.


Yeah, those nightmares can be scary and depressing. I used to get those a lot but then they just went away.
I hope it works out for you too.



I can relate to you so much.

I also experience very frightening dreams, some at random, some from traumatic events I’ve lived through.

The long hours in the Navy really messed up my sleep pattern.

I can tell you from personal experience that long periods of time without sleep causes hallucinations.

The nightmares are terrible, but no sleep is worse. I hope you feel better soon.


Thank you Nick, I appreciate it. :v:


Thank you for your compassion and insight @kindness. I know I’ll definitely be getting to bed early tonight. I am a little worried about nightmares, but usually when I am with my Mom and siblings my demons aren’t so bad.

I thought you were a veteran also. Very cool. Take care :v:


hope you feel better, chris.

I pull all-nighters often, only because my family is quieter during the night.

but insomnia is definitely not healthy and i hope you get relief soon.

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Thank you @sirBoring I slept so hard last night, I don’t even remember my dreams haha.

Take care :v:

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