Can't sleep ugh

I hate this every single night!!! Something’s gotta give.

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Yeah it’s important. Very much so. Do you take sleepers? It’s a short term option but sometimes the lesser of two evils but it’s something to bring up with doctor and if struggling sooner rather than later.

I slept horribly for years. These days it’s not so bad unless I miss a dose of effexor…then it’s a horrible night.

It’s usually pretty quiet around this time but if you check into Say Anything you may find someone awake for a chat!

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I slept about 4 hours and had to get up because my mind was shooting endorphins so much I couldn’t take it. I had some fantastic dreams. I have a pdoc appointment in the morning.

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They gave me something for nightmares but not for actual sleep. You gotta get to sleep first.

There’s options these days. I used benzo’s for years but they aren’t really a sleeper and addictive. Like they helped me get to sleep but then there’s staying asleep. Still. Things to talk to your doctor and even a gp should be able to prescribe something to help you before you see psydoc if it’s a long wait.

It may help if your struggling every night.

Yeah she suggested remeron but I believe it’s also an SSRI and so I said no. I didn’t figure it would work.

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I’m sorry to contradict you rogue but my pdoc told me there’s not a lot of medicine for sleeplessness.

Ask for alternatives. It’s perfectly allright if your struggling with sleep.

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Do you sleep in the daytime?

Yeah maybe not for everyone but there’s better options than a decade ago for sleepers.

No I can’t sleep in the daylight.

I was on Zyprexa ten years and couldn’t sleep well when I got off. It happens a lot.

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Turtle, do you write. Maybe when you get up in the middle of the night try writing. You could be a great novelist.

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Thanks @Jinx and @rogueone

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My pdoc suggested exercise. I need to take her advice but in the summer it’s only cool enough to walk at dawn here.


Ive been getting zero sleep these last few weeks…picked up some valarian yesterday and slept sooo much yesterday i honestly feel recharged. I also got some lavender and tea tree oil which helps me relax…also some melatonin. Slept so well :zzz: :sleeping:

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I have sleep apnea, I wakeup breathless many times during the night, I feel sleepy and tired all day. Thats why I take 400mg caffeine a day.

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Try some L-theanine


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