I pace a lot. Do you pace a lot?

I literally walk laps around my room if im not sitting down. I just cant stand still. If i have to stand still i sway back and forth. Anyone else have this? Its not akathasia cause i can sit still and i know what akathisia feels like, but whenever im standing i either have to sway or pace. Honestly its calming though however some strangers have looked at me swaying back and forth like “whats that kid doing?”

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i use to pace, not for some time now, maybe i have mellowed x

That’s typically an unconscious behavior which serves the purpose of soothing the person who is doing it. I rock back and forth when I reach a threshold of symptoms- it’s to soothe myself, but it’s not on purpose.


Were u anxious when u were pacing because for me anxiety is not the cause of my pacing or swaying i just do it naturally.

I think I used to do it on a higher dose of Abilify

its been a while since i paced the floor but i think it was driven by anxiety, i think i was agitated and restless, i couldn’t sit down, maybe its all that energy i had because i was young with nowhere to go, just paced up and down in my mums house

I too pace lots

I pace when I get nervous. Most times I don’t even know I’m doing it until I’m done doing it, as I get exhausted. My brother called me last week and I talked to him for an hour; I paced the entire time.

i used to walk circles in the house a lot. not so much anymore

I don’t realize I’m pacing sometimes until someone walks up to me or past, and I become aware that I had been pacing. It’s an urge and it’s distracting…takes me away.

I have a tendency to walk way ahead of the group/person I’m walking with, and forget that they’re even there. Kinda like pacing

Abilify made me pace a lot, and caused a lot of restlessness in general. I’ve never been much of a pacer, though.

I pace a lot only when I don’t know what I am doing once I get into a mode or something I don’t have pacing problems. Anxiety from bills and such can get me pacing uncomfortably.

I was until my downstairs neighbor left me a letter complaining that she’d been sleep deprived for three days listening to me stomping around here. And then left another letter apologizing and inviting me over for tea which never happened and haven’t heard back since.

i pace a bunch… i used to be a more vivid pacer, but not so much, currently… i don’t know exactly why i do it… i do have quite a few theories, though and i shall share some of them here:

  • to balance myself into having mental abilities and physical abilities
  • to show that i am doing something, actually, and don’t want to be disturbed, really
  • as a sort of way to get over feeling the need to act on what my own fantasies want me to do
  • as a way to play without actually having to put too much effort into playing
  • could be because it helps me think more profoundly and proves to me that i have fuel to be able to do the things that i am capable of doing

I also pace a lot… I’ll end up pacing when I’m not doing well.

I also find I rock.

When I was on Prolixin I could not stop pacing. I actually left an assisted living center and hitch hiked 100 miles because I couldn’t pace as much as I wanted there. I had to pace when I was on 40 mg of Haldol also. A lot of the typical ap’s do that.