After seven consecutive years of pacing

I decided I finally need to sit down…


How does it feel chew?

Felt good until I stood up 66 seconds later…then I tried it again and I lasted like 2 minutes. Now I’m back to pacing full-time again


Funny post :smile:

Serious question: Did you pace after or before the abilify?

Pretty sure I paced before but I can’t remember for sure. I just remember pacing in the hospitals. I think it was less than seven years ago I started pacing, maybe 5, but that was before abilify :\

I see, I always thought you paced because of abilify… That’s good news. I might be switching to abilify now and I’m a bit worried about all the akathisia situations I see going on here.

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hahah u joker 151515

I pace on abilify when my l-theanine wears off.

Sometimes I do hope I can lose weight by pacing.

I don’t pace but I shake my leg all the time. People make comments to me like,“Are you nervous?”

I had a set circuit I walked around the ward. Used to walk all day. Was fun.

I pace all day too, it has to do with my thinking all the time about stuff like I just have alot of energy being misplaced cuz it’s hard to shower and clean I’m productive/non-productive lol, but hey my theory’s on the world r deep and stuff alot ppl like them too.