I over did my stay

I can’t interact with society. My head is too messed up. I’m not meant to help, or have a purpose, a laugh, or offer my idiotic uneducated advice to anyone. Society is too advanced for me. I will continue living life with no goals like no volunteer or job. Because I know nothing. You can’t teach someone that’s whole adult life has been therapy, afraid of kids, and people; how to live life. I joined this site to make a change in my life but I can’t socialize online or in real life. It’s been REAL. Good bye.

I want my account deleted

Is it possible you are having a ■■■■ day? If you are not in the right place you wont want to do things like get a job or volunteer yet. Not everyone with sz is, and I have been there before. Maybe you are right though, maybe now is time to take a bit of a break and relax a bit. I would not worry too much about the socializing thing too, we all get it. I think the important thing would be that you enjoy coming on this website rather than the thing of you always have something to say.

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I fell asleep and woke up now, I feel different. I think I was having paranoia last night, but my views changed when I woke up. I was just having a crappy day, and since I joined this place, it has gave me healthy coping skills and pointed me in the right direction


Try to focus on the positives, and the negatives will go away. my best advice.
I also like what you say, and think your very bright person that can do amazing thing if you put your mind to it.

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I will, thanks 1515

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Hey, I know we’ve never spoken, but your original post sounded like me when I was 18-21 years old, and I thought I’d share.

I never saw myself working, having friends, anything. My life was nothing but treatment, meds, and symptoms. I was in such a depressive funk I’ve been hospitalized roughly 12-15 times in the past 8 years. But I kept at it, and guess what? I’m working full time now, I have some meaningful online relationships, I have good working relationships with my coworker and supervisor.

All I’m saying is that I know things look rough right now, but it’s possible for you to get to a better place. Just keep up with treatment, use your coping skills, and take your meds. This illness doesn’t have to define you, and I’m sure you can have the life you wanted.

Take care.

Edit: I feel like I should mention that I have a different diagnosis, although there are similarities to it and schizophrenia. I’m diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder.


@Dreamer, are you still on sz meds? Ie, AP’s?

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I also can’t socialize with people , mental illness or not.

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Thank you, means a lot to me seeing your story and the hardship you went through, then showing things can turn around.

Learning to be responsible to yourself is ok.

Sorry for such a late reply. Work has been hectic. I am not on any antipsychotics. The only med I am taking is an antidepressant.

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