Maybe I should quit all mental health forums

After all I’m probably a fraud being on them . It’s hard to say I’m mentally ill probably ‘socially dysfunctional’ is a more accurate description or to use a milder version 'socially challenged’
Then again if I quit I’d be stopping most of my 2D interaction. I’d become even more isolated.
More reason to take to bed to blot out a few empty hours here and there.

Don’t leave you are welcome here for sure man. I don’t understand, you don’t think you have sz? I consider myself near symptomless these days but I still remember the past and feel I belong here.

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Don’t leave. Why would you leave? You post a lot and I enjoy reading them.

Maybe you are just feeling blah…and thinking your contributions don’t matter, so why be here. I always feel that way. I think about not posting and just leaving all the time. But I really like your posts. Please don’t leave.


Sz and sz/a are old diagnoses. The current one is paranoid PD. I guess I am going through one of my periodic/frequent “Am I really ill?” spells. It was easier to see I might be mentally ill when I was in a more acute state of illness.
Yes I’m anxious/socially anxious and mildly paranoid(compared to many here whose paranoia is worse) but it’s been ages since I’ve had weird thoughts/been delusional?

What stands out though is the social difficulties. I am just not sure how much those are mental health related or more aspergers/non verbal learning disorder related.
I guess many here have social issues, but I sense for many they are secondary to other symptoms . Many here seem to function ok/well socially despite their obvious(as related here) symptoms.

I do wonder why I’m on the depot. Logic says " Would they really have you on it, if they didn’t see the necessity?" . That they just don’t put any Tom,Dick and Harry on it.
However there’ still those nagging doubts in my head.

Not me - I am socially inept. I do not socialize at all. Haven’t in years. Don’t even know the meaning of the word. My family who lives with me is only socialization I get and coming to forums which I guess doesn’t count cuz it isn’t IRL.

All my symptoms are gone really, I still feel I have the right to post here! You are a welcome member of this community and contribute a lot. I hope you continue to post despite your doubts. I have some trouble socially too but that’s about it really. If they changed my diagnosis based on my prognosis I’d ignore that because unless you see me in my worst state, you dunno what I am. My doctor has never seen me at my worst, but he thinks he KNOWS I’m sza not sz. Oh well it doesn’t matter to me . But I take pride in what I’ve been through, ya know?

ah, being given to otherness in the world, with any problem, they don’t see it,

and Wonderdunk needs to be here, stopped.

yeah where is @wonderdonkey He hasn’t been here in awhile. I hope he didn’t get locked up again.

he did. He won’t talk to anyone on LinkedIn for fear of occupational discrimination.

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Yeah, I wonder where @wonderdonkey is. He hasn’t posted in a while.

Hey @firemonkey you should continue on this forum and any other forums that you find useful and enjoy posting on.

I really enjoy your posts and the news stories you bring to our attention.

Someone said the reason I am not showing any major symptoms is because the meds are zapping them. Maybe he’s right. Although I try to avoid it it’s hard to avoid the ‘dandruff’ thinking.
Let me explain as best I can . It’s the mental health equivalent of having dandruff (mental heath symptoms)using Head and shoulders(medication) and thinking I don’t need the Head and shoulders because the dandruff has gone away. When you are relatively better it’s easier to think it’s always been that way, and harder to see that actually that’s not the case.


I don’t think you should leave @firemonkey you are a valuable addition to this forum. You provide links to really interesting news topics and you’re a nice person.


Yeah I’m the same way, but we can still contribute to this forum. Recovery is a lifelong process IMO. There are plenty of things I come here for support for such as substance abstinence which I’m relatively new to is my number 1 thing I post about on this forum. And helping others is a way of giving back.

We have our favorite, unthreatening, comfort on the boards,

but yes, he’s been a long time,
back from the old days.

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I hardly socialize. I feel its one of the worst effects of schizophrenia

I am not diagnosed with schizophrenia(used to be) but socialisation is a long term problem for me. I think for some of us the art of socialisation doesn’t come as naturally as it does to others. I don’t know about elsewhere but here in the UK there might be a passing acknowledgement of the problem but precious little help with it. Outside of family, who I see infrequently, I currently don’t socialise with anyone. The socialisation I have done over the last 11 years outside of family has been mental health connected- befriender,drop in,group via rehab and recovery team,peer lead men’s group. The first stopped about 4 years ago when my befriender moved(he’d actually stayed seeing me about 2 years after the befriending service was shut down). The drop in was shut down at the same time as the befriending service. The involvement with rehab and recovery was time limited hence that group was time limited. The men’s group was so bad the best thing about it was ordering a breakfast in the cafe we met in. When it deteriorated to just me and a bloke with a moderate learning disability who struggled to speak ,and when he did it was monosyllabic, I stopped. It was really awkward with me not a natural initiator of conversations having to make an uphill struggle to do so with someone who was even worse than I was.

Nowadays there is nothing. Occasionally they try and persuade me to do a college course but I don’t bite the apple. That’s because of past experiences of peer bullying and rejection
within an educational environment and the subsequent paranoia and social anxiety . It’s also because the learning difficulties I know I have but which have never been recognised(therefore help not given) would get in the way of doing ok at any course.

Having forced the drop ins to close the mental health trust is slow to offer up any alternatives . The last two things they suggested turned out to be a drop in for down and outs and an over 50s club. The average age of the over 50s club was mid 70s , When I was asked why I had gone there by the man at the door and told him my nurse practitioner had suggested it I was met with a bewildered and rather disapproving look. Definitely not mental health friendly.

You’re not a fraud in the least bit, the proof being a “real” fraud would NEVER admit to being one- especially not on a public forum.
You’re good. Stay.
Win for you, win for us.

I enjoy reading your posts. Please stay

I’d say that the meds must have been working to the point you’ve got a lesser diagnosis.

My old pdoc used to call mine a working diagnosis. Remember they only go by your hourly consultations and how you present :wink:

It’s nice to hear from people who are in recovery, as it gives us hope!