I officially just applied for disability

Make sure you apply for the disability tax credit here in canada :canada:


Yea I read about it on the government website, thanks!

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Thanks for sharing your experiences going through the process and a heads up on what to expect. I definitely am going with an attorney. I hope I can get through this with the savings I have before it kicks in if I’m lucky. I have pretty good medical documentation for the past decade of living with Sz. @Aziz I get you, I am so bad with spending too. I do have a spouse and a sister that is supportive.

I think from this point on deciding what I want life to be like. I’m thinking of furniture restoration or creating some art (although before I was in Advertising Desgin and Marketing), I guess I can explore. I see on the forums there are some very creative people on here. It’s nice.

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I’m applying in California, not sure if anyone knows how difficult CA is to get SSDI / SSI

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When I applied it took 6-8 months and they approved me right away

@anon80490300 Wow congrats, I guess I just have to wait and see what they do with my case and just keep focusing on live life while waiting. So surprised as to how different everyone’s experience has been.

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When I applied, it. Toijjk 3 monntgs

Wish you luck. My social worker told me should would seek disability on my behalf. She don’t think i can work anymore.

I know what you mean. I’m frightened too. I think you have to be strong to create a good life without a job. I worked last year but was hospitalized two times in a row, partly because of the job.

I don’t know if i got the strength and the discipline to be on disability, but in my country we are allowed to work in a kind of sheltered job, earn some money, and of course volunteer, and that’s a good option for me…

If your psychiatrist or therapist is willing to write a letter of recommendation, they can help you a lot in getting disability

I had trouble getting CPP D, until my psychiatrist wrote a letter explaining my condition. Bang I got it right away

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