I never recovered I just got sat a side in life

life is great no voices no manufasted seeing ■■■■, but still have the guys to pull off a rutan job yet. I m just a house keeper in a area in the country. trying to keep up on my yard and house, ifact I’m so bad they case works take me out once in a blue moon. I just don’t like this to fast pace every ones talking about, I don’t like making neighbor but some love me. share ive been to all the recover classies and got books and stuff. but you know when it comes down to it. the less stress you and they put on you the better the out come. people need to work on the facts of life , you needs not your wants they come later, making family strong, and how you treat the neighbor my help in the end. to many vices or to less vices are a real kicker these days for so many of us. so meet me in the middle. and we well be fine.

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Wise words. Sometimes it’s better to go along to get along. There’s nothing worse than neighbour stress.