It just wasn't in the cards

for me to have children. I liked children when I was younger, I worked in a children’s home while taking a break from college and after I got my degree, I taught a lot of children in a music school. I had forgotten that I really did love children because my old age has made me cranky. So, have kids while you’re young if you decide to have them. :slightly_smiling_face:


My aunt and uncle never had kids but they were everybody’s favorite aunt and uncle. Still to this day


I love kids, and when I was younger I was almost desperate to have one of my own.
Now I’m glad I didn’t. I don’t want kids, but I’ll happily babysit and be the cool auntie when my siblings have kids.

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A close friend decided not to have children. She says being an auntie to her families children is the best. All the spoiling and not the rest

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I never had them either and I don’t regret it. I’m 42 now and I think my time is running out.

i’d like children but if it doesnt happen then there is nothing i can do

I can not be around

I have made babies laugh and I would love to have had.
I believe in miracles because then D and I would have had a son and he would be almost grown now.
I like to think a machine and people n technology etc saved him and that we are close in spirit.
I can not do more than pray about it.
When my bf mum gave me my birthday cake I blew out the candles wishing …

When I was on a dating site I was looking for men with no children.
I just don’t feel up to answering their questions etc

My boyfriend says his dogs are our children.

I should have had children n raised with my body but every one was against it.
Even my grandma and parents were yelling and saying it’s out of the question for me to have children specially with a man who’s friends had threatened to kill me.but I was thinking of raising child with Anders .
I apologise to D and A n others .
I’m so sorry I apologise to myself too.
They were not perfect nor was I.
May we forgive each other.

I won’t breed. I come from a large catholic family so I basically helped bring up my younger brothers! There’s like a 12 years difference to me and them.

I don’t think that is a bad thing! I would have liked to had kids but I don’t work and I’m happy about that! Let these weird genes stop would be good enough for me!

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I’ve made a conscious decision not to breed. I’ve never been a child-friendly person, even when i was a child i didn’t like other children. I don’t mean to say that i would hurt a child - of course not, but i’m not going to be one of those people who goos and gushes over them. I have absolutely no aspiration to have anything to do with children. I don’t want to babysit, i don’t even really want to be an aunt (although if my siblings do have children, i’ll try to be the best aunt i can). Also, i don’t want to pass on my faulty genes. Don’t want any child of mind having to go through the torment and suffering i’ve gone through.

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I think my cousin had her kids in her late 30s.

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