Do you want to have kids?

I personally don’t because I wouldn’t wish this disease on anyone. I don’t want to be the reason my child would have to go through this.

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I’m hoping I get to have kids some day.


I have 4 kids
See no signs yet that would lead me to believe they have sza


I never wanted children. And I’m 48 and don’t have any. Don’t get me wrong because I like kids and have nieces.

I want one or two child. Hopefully a boy and a girl.

Some days I wish I were married and had kids then other days I want to isolate myself and be around no one. Sometimes I feel like I am asexual so I don’t want to procreate.

I don’t.
I’ve worked with kids, and I’ve seen how their parent’s personalities and quirks rub off on them, even when the parents don’t mean it to.

I’m not sure I want my personality rubbing off on anyone. I’m not sure I’d be a good role model.
I’m not ready for the stress nor the responsibility.

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I saw myself with them up to the age of 25… then my mind sort of changed course. So I picked my future in some respects, but in others my future picked me. I’m 39 currently and don’t have kids.

Hell no.


Ya I have nieces their enough for me.

Is your name from the open song?

Korn ^^


Yeah, I used to be a big Korn fan, though not as much the past decade or so.

Nope. First, I wouldn’t want to pass down this disease. Second, I can’t be the kind of father that I would want to be.

When my niece and nephews came to visit I would often think I wanted kids, but I never got around to it. I missed out on one of life’s best experiences.

I always wanted one child. Preferably a boy. I got him. Now, he’s gone. No, I don’t want anymore. I’m past childbearing age anyway.

Personally I can’t take care of kids but I am understanding what a bummer it is to be alone as i get older and I can’t blame does of you who do. My parents were two intelligent people with no major mental illness who had me and two normal kids. Mental illness increases the chance of having mentally ill kids. It doesn’t guarantee it. Besides there’s always adoption.

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