I never find the right Time

The time to start to force myself is tomorrow.

To do things.

It is incredibly difficult but it always is to start new habits.

How can I feel good in myself if I’m just lying in bed all day.

So yea.

Forcing it, it has to be. Until it becomes second nature.


I’ve got This… :))


You’ve got this!


Thanks JustTrish, :green_heart:

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The difficulty doing things varies for me. Sometimes it is almost impossible, and then other times I just have to get started and then I can stay busy for a while. I too have to push myself.


Yes there were times when pushing myself made me feel even worse.

But I think I’ve reached an epic stage now. Where I can push myself and actually do things. At a baby pace.

Keep pushing yourself when you can, you’re doing awesome.

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You’re doing awesome things, too. You start tomorrow!

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Heehee… Y thankyou!!

Thankyou very much…

You can do it!

I want to start taking better care of myself hygiene wise. That’s why I bought some new clothes online today. Hopefully having some fresh clothes will motivate me more.



YOU have GOT this.


We both have… Hopefully :rofl:



We got this.

We can’t let the pimps and players of the world get off for free. :crazy_face:

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Lol!!! :rofl:

I don’t know what a pimp is… But it’s a funny word.

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Yes we do my friend!!!

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Dreaming slowly awakening, dreams found in happy word games, dreamy words prompting emotions from ideas showing up there, inspiring a visualized activity, either once or as a new habit, and all resultants call for praising good work of a so much highly praiseworthy self for great work done, and following is to be as encouraging to an astounding self as to do another job on another day like today from tonight on … oh yea, that was megalomania, not schizophrenia … sorry, lol!

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That’s right I don’t have schizophrenia.

And yes I do want to be empowered. To be healthy.

And I am moving in the right direction.

I have the power to heal myself :green_heart: :slight_smile:

Or… Do you mean something else?

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I don’t know. Sorry. I’m taking a wild guess in replying. Humor is intended as this isn’t professional information. Creation is like a self of holistic healing and powering the Asia to America marriage’s empire. It’s a self made life made of all of the conceptual laws of the universe’s elemental dimensions of space, time and all else, however, a schizophrenic maybe has also been living in manifestations of another reality, where there needs to be a tremendous effort made (if not gifted ability) to even become aware enough to acknowledge having decided on baby steps and take steps away from obsessions and delusions … not likely without meds or allowing unique thinking for change mindedness over grouping by regrouping like all possible improvements of individual seperations each and every way a few could be different several ways (all possible permutations being considered overall as a new set) … for balancing a self minded planning up to the moment with actions to make out then work out every effort as a balanced lifestyle kind of goal … oh yea, that is schizophrenia, and not megalomania … wow, lol.

What is megalomaniac anyway I don’t understand it, do you have that or me I don’t understand what you’re trying to say.

Anyways @MikieQ I really don’t care what you have to say about my ‘diagnosis’ . From what I’ve read.

Sorry @MikieQ I’m getting tired I might be getting the wrong end of the stick here.

It is 1.37 am for me.

It just sounds to me like you think I’m a fake. And then also adding on that I’m a megalomania


I’m so happy (not really)

Today I’m going to be kicking myself./pushing myself.

I hope that it will leave me feeling satisfied

And Not worse.


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