I need help getting disability

I can’t seem to figure out what to do at all!
I do have a paper trail, though.
I live in Jacksonville, Fl. if that matters at all.

I assume you mean SSDI? To apply, go to ssa.gov and follow the questions. Word to the wise, since I don’t know you and you don’t know me, I feel safe telling you this: when you apply, play up your illness a bit. If you come across as too competent, they will deny you. Be prepared to have someone act as your representative payee. A rep payee is someone who manages your disability benefit money. Not everyone gets a rep payee. I’ve been on SSDI twice, first time, no rep payee. Second time, I got a rep payee. You say you have a paper trail. That’s good. Social security will contact your doctors and review your records. It took me 6 months from date of application to approval. By the way, in order to receive SSDI, you have to have worked in the past and have enough work credits to get SSDI. I forgot what that threshold is.

The first time I got disability I got SSI because I hadn’t worked enough. A couple of years ago I got SSD because I had worked enough. When filling out the form don’t over do it but I made my worst days sound like they happened every day. Both times I had to see one of their doctors. I acted really paranoid which I was but showed it and talked about my symptoms, but again don’t over do it. Good luck with it. It helps that you have the paperwork because they will ask for dates.

National phone number for Social Security: 1-800-772-1213. Try their website I guess but you can talk to them on the phone if you want. And yes, alien9 is right, shade your story a little bit to show how you need SSDI. I applied at my local Social Security office. I tried doing it alone my first time and it was a farce. When the question on the application asked what my disability was (I suffer from paranoia and schizophrenia) I wrote on the form,“emotional problems”! Lol. I didn’t want to say schizophrenia. Needless to say I was not approved. So the next time my dad went with me. And I strongly suggest you go with a famiy membe who understands. Or a family friend. But anyway me and my dad went and I got denied again. So we hired a lawyer for the appeal and BIngo!! We won the appeal. This was in1983.The lawyer did virtually everything for us. He got all my hospital records and whatever else they asked. My job was to sign the MANY forms that the lawyer filed out. And at my appeal it was me, my parents, my lawyer, and a judge in a small room. By law my lawyer couldn’t tell me exactly how to answer. But he gave me a few hints on what to expect. I hardly had to talk at all. We won.

I had to appeal the decision with a lawyer. My lawyer was mean and condescending, but I won SSI. But my lawyer did get all of the hospital records together. He also gave me a sheet of questions for the doctor to fill out. My therapist and I filled it out, and then the psychiatrist signed it. I’ll be up for a review in 2015, and I’m really nervous about it. I hope it continues, or else I don’t know what I’ll do.

i hope you get it, i am still trying in australia…just finished the last paper work recently.
take care



I was homeless and drifting from the houses of family members and friends to keep off the streets before I got on SSI. It was my Intensive Case Manager that signed me up for SSI. He must have taken care of everything because I don’t remember having to do much. If you have any sort of case manager, get them to help you.

Also your first check will be from the date you first applied to the day they send you your first check so it will be a larger check than you would normally get. Or if you get a lawyer he well get that extra money. Some things you should talk about his conversations you have with the voices and how often you hear them. Like all day and night. You should also apply for food stamps and medicaid. I was on all of that and it saved me from going in and out of mental hospitals. If you have been in mental hospitals some that would help you get approved quicker also. If you already have medicaid then you can get a case manager to do all the work. Good luck.

Just be honest. You’ve got documentation on your illness, let that speak for you. Don’t play up your illness or exaggerate. Just be honest. Getting someone to help you is a good idea.

Also, if you’re turned down the first time then get a lawyer. Don’t get one unless you’re turned down because they’re gonna take a cut of your back pay.

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All I did was call Social Security and answer questions on the phone. Then I had one meeting with their doctor. Three months later I was approved.
That was 16 years ago.

Will they drug test me?

No, you will not be drug tested.

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It was easy for me, i nearly died because of it, i ended up across country being hounded by them in the streets of some foul city.

The more disabled you are the better your chances in getting it i suppose.

They think it’s my brain screwing up, ha! This is getting very twilight zonish! And not only do they tell me it’s my brain screwing up they don’t even treat me like i have a disease at all, like telling someone that they have cancer when they don’t and then treating them like dogshit even though you think it’s cancer.

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Social Security does not want you spending their money on drugs.


Marijuana is legal in Washington and Colorado now.

I stopped drinking when I went on disability. It seemed like the right thing to do.

What are you afraid they will find?
More importantly, would a lot of the problem be caused by illegal drugs?
Self medicating does a lot more harm that good.


Just wondering really, need all the info I can get!