Getting ssi or ssdi

I want to try to get ssi or ssdi but in the past I haven’t been able to get it. Does anyone have any pointers about filling out the necessary paper work? Besides honesty… it might have been due to not being able to pass a drug test, but I can do that now. I’ve stopped smoking weed, it only gets my voices excited.

Get someone to help you with it. I had help. You will probably be denied at first. Then you’ll want to get help from an attorney. I’m going through the appeal process right now. I’m working and in school, so I don’t know if I’ll get the full amount.

Good luck!

Ask your therapist or psychiatrist to help you. If they won’t help you, they may at least know someone who can.

They say that everyone is turned down at first–I was, and then I had to get an attorney and appeal the decision. The attorney was really good, though condescending to me. Going before the judge was scary and humiliating–he was a really mean judge, but he did give me SSI.

I was repeatedly told I don’t need it. Good luck.

Not everyone, I called on the phone to SS office and a little over 3 months later I had a SSDI check. Other than a visit to one of their doctors, I did nothing more than the phone call.

Statistically, 80% of people are turned down the first time, the on appeal, 70% are approved, with or without a lawyer.

When i was locked in a behavioral hospital i didn’t know my diagnosis but they told me i need to get social security and medicaid. They helped me sign up for the medicaid but i signed up for the Social security at my case workers office that i had through a mental health clinic i was going through. My partner filled out the paper work for me because i just couldn’t concentrate enough because of the voices. I was accepted for medicaid and SSI but not SSDI since i only worked for 9 months before losing my job because of this illness. My dad has COPD and schizophrenia with manic depression and he’s been denied for SSDI for the last 6 years. I would find someone to help you who can be your advocate.

good luck :slight_smile: i hope you get it x