I need advise

I need help with medication. My new psychiatrist said he would switch me to Abilify. But I am so worried. I have a lot of damage in my head. I was at my staff meeting yesterday. And I just sat there in my damage suffering not capable of understanding practically anything or capable of doing anything but suffer with corruption in my head I know what most of this damage is. I feel it. It’s really bad.

My neuro psyche exam said my processing was like 1%. And I understand that too, sure my processing is screwed

And I’m on invega injection now. And I feel so messed up sexually and sexually frustrated and incapable feeling pleasure if I try to masturbate. I just have some remaining longing in my loins that drives me crazy. I want sexual satisfaction

Is Abilify injection the right drug for me. I read that olanzapine can help processing

I don’t think that all this damage to my brain will heal it seems like the type that won’t. I guess you guys can understand what kind of psychosis I was having to give me brain damage.

So I need the right drug. Something that isn’t going to mess up my brain at all and feels good mentally. And is gonna at least make me capable of masturbation or even a sex worker if I’m really lucky lol it might not be possible to maintain a relationship because of my brain damage

Clozapine actually felt good but it didn’t work out

There is a real possibility that the smart answer is just to stay on invega because I just too corrupted and damaged to switch medications. And that this is it for me

I’m open to any suggestions. Should I just go with Abilify injection. Take the chance. Should I consider olanzapine? If it feels good and might improve my processing

Any other drugs? What should I do? Invega injection is gonna finish me

This sounds really bad. I know. I’m just suffering. A better drug would be nice

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Abilify and basically all meds are worth a try if you haven’t been on them before individual response is everything

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