Is anybody here on a low abilify injection?

Whats your dose? I need to go much lower.

So now you’re on abilify finally and don’t like it?

What’s the problem?

Why do you want a lower dose?

Im on the 400mg injection the higest dose and 15 mg pills. I have some brain damage. I need to quit the pills and reduce to the 300. At least. I was just wondering about going lower than that

400mg injection is equal to 20 mg pills
300mg injection is equal to 15 mg pills.

That means right now im on 35 mg of abilify

I don’t think Abilify is the problem.

You seem to always think the grass is greener on the other side.

You have to work with what you have going on.

I was on 30 mg of Abilify a day for years.

It’s not a terrible dose.

This is what you wanted.

I don’t understand.

Medication isnt nice. I just think i will be better on a lower dose. I think i can go lower. I have no paranoia or side effects. The invega should be completely gone in a couple weeks. Less medication feels better.

This is the loading dose im on. Hell reduce soon enough. I want to go low for sure

Im a little hung over right now. I dindnt have much at all. I feel lousy. Too much medication. I also have danage. But at least im off invega. I dont have much of a sex drive. But sex actually is a little better somehow. Abilify is better than invega

That’s a lot of Abilify. Maybe your plasma concentrations were low? I’ve no idea.

That sounds perfect. I could understand u wanted to lower it if u had side effects. But if its working with no side effects im confused why u arent happy with it

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Its a loading dose my doc wans to load me up with abilify after the switch. Says its standard procedure i assume

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I want to lower it to the 300mg injection so im not so medicated. Remember i have half a brain due to damage. So any slowness or dicomfort in my brain needs to go. 300mg injection might be good for me

The invega isnt out completely yet. I want sex to improve alot i couple more weeks to wait i guess

Hi. How did you figure out that you have brain damage? Is it because of the AP?

My brain damage is from psychosis. It was so bad and extreme. Prolongued too. It was enevitable. Now the worst area of damage doesnt seem to be figuring things out or speaking my mind. Its co.plex information( just conversation to other people) right now it feels like i have no damage. Im just sitting out front of my apartment building texting. No problem here. But get somebody to talk to me and tell me about their life and i will be al.ost completely damaged. I will get about 30% through the coruption and incompetence. Its amazing what you can do with 30% of your brain working in that capacity. People say they have regular coversations with me. Not true. Im totally corrupted in verbal information fronm others. Because im corrupted. I know almost nothing about others. And yet i still function fairly well in all other areas of my brain. So i am in damage land alot of the time as there are always times when you have to interface. In troversion poses a problem as well. As i speak brief statements when trying to socialize. Unless i am comfortable with you and can say whats in mind then i will process normally and rave on about the stuff i learn in this world from my half a brain. And just so you know. Brain damage hurts. That damage land is a torture prison. A wall if incomprmetence and corruption that i have to endure depending on how many people i talk too and for how long. Sometimes when im with people for long periods of time i get really bad. Makes me think with a damaged brain and all i do is think that i cant keep my girlfriend which is my number one concern. A few nights ago i had a dream that i jumped off a building i fell all the way down and hit the ground. Tells you what my subconcious is saying. But im on abilify now and im way more comfortable. I dont have the greatest sex. But i might go on testosterone. No way im going to be brain damaged and pleasureless. Im happy at the moment as i dont feel any damage now. But my girlfriend who i just gave a ring to hasent responded toninght. I wiil be crused if i cant have her if so.ething is wrong. All i want is to be able to keep her. Its a measuring stick as to how capable i am. Plus i love her. Im gonna spend a lot of money at the private medical centre trying to fix this. I hope its not a sham. Brain damage. Can anybody here realate?

Maybe do therapy. There’s the stuff you get from the disorder and then there’s the stuff you get from the meds. I agree it’s all about function but you use brain damage a lot and most likely it’s due to a or b but hey- we all have different journeys.

What does your doctor say to all this? It’s usually the best place to start.

I m not a native English speaker and I m not sure I understood very well all you said. I understood you got brain damage because your psychosis. I m afraid it s my case too, cause I a had a very strong one, even though now I m ok with only 3 miligrams of Risperdal.

Could you please tell me if you had a CT scanner in order to see an Eventual brain damage, or you did a medical test or analyze? I m just asking, I have no idea.

Or it s something you suppose due to your issues.

Does brain damage cause serious and severe cognitive issues?

Thanks for response!

Yes my brain damage is a cognitive issue. I have had no ct scan or analysis. But if i did. It would definitely show up. I know i have damage. Its a very difficult and disturbing existence.

Oh… I understood. I wish all the best for you! Thanks for replies!

Im on 400mg depot, so roughly 15mg a day i believe

400mg depot is 20 mg pills
300mg depot is 15 mg pills