Invega is not going to cut it

Now that I have a beautiful schizophrenic girlfriend. I have to get off invega. I gotta try Abilify injection. Is it really gonna work for me sexually. I’ve spent all this time ( 3 years) trying to get better from my relapse on invega. Now that I don’t feel totally screwed up. I’m thinking of switching to Abilify injection. Who thinks that this is a bad idea. Am I just asking for disaster. Is Abilify the answer. I need to be sexually functioning. But I still have some cognitive impairment

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I think it’s worth a shot. If you’ve never tried it before, it might be a good med for you.

I have sexual dysfunction.
But pdoc said it’s better than having sz symptoms.
Besides, i have no gf.
If you have a gf, you need to have sex.
If your meds don’t permit you to have sex,
try abilify, yes, why not?

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You need a new pdoc thats laughable

I hope my girlfriend waits for me to be functioning again. I haven’t tried to have sex with her yet. But she probably assumes I can. But I’m so dysfunctional. Invega screwed with my pleasure centre in my brain it feels like. I hope it comes back. And it doesn’t take too long. She’s so beautiful

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I’ll just have to do my best. But I don’t work

How did you know I need a new psychiatrist? He won’t let me take pills. I hate him. How am I gonna find a good drug with this doctor

He will let me take Abilify injection though. I’m in the process of getting a new psychiatrist

I hope she doesn’t read this actually. She is schizophrenic. She could read this. my avatar has my picture

Ya i dont like them either. What he said is laughable. And its a shame he wont let you take pills. Lucky for me mine does but im constantly stressed out about what he’ll do next.

She’s Punjabi. She’s on Abilify. I’m having a hard time knowing what to sell her about my sexual issues.

How do I change my avatar. I can’t figure that one out

There I did it. Now I know how. Lol

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When i was like 18 i got a doctor to give me viagra. I dont think anything on this earth will stop you from getting an errection if you take that. Took two one time… big mistake

I can get an erection. Somehow. It’s amazing really since I barely feel any pleasure. If I had sex with her I would be faking or struggling just to feel something or just stopping after a few seconds because I feel no pleasure. I’m getting off this ■■■■ for sure before I do have erectile dysfunction that will never come back

There going to lock your ass in the hospital

What? Lol. Why do you say that?

You stop taking them they will lock you in the hospital, start you on an injection and take what ever rights you have left away. Trust me i know.

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I’m on invega injection now. That has already happened to. Everything you said.

That already happened to me I was declared incompetent. The whole shebang

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